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Pinedale Online > News > February 2011 > CBD: Tell senators to back off
CBD: Tell senators to back off
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
February 5, 2011

The Center for Biological Diversity sent out an email this week suggesting that readers "Tell your senators to back off anti-wolf legislation."

The email states: "Under the mistaken belief that wolves have recovered and can be turned over to state management, some in Congress are vocally supporting legislation to remove protections for wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

"Several bills have already been introduced that would strip protections for the gray wolf in parts or all of their range -- opening these top predators up to being shot, gassed and killed. Passage of any of these bills would have a devastating effect on the future of wolves in America, and, more importantly, on the federal Endangered Species Act itself.

"Legislatively removing protections for wolves would set a terrible precedent whereby species -- many less popular or charismatic than wolves -- could be removed from the life-saving protections of the endangered species list one at a time. To date, Congress has stayed away from such political intrusions into endangered-species management, and we need to make sure it doesn't start now."

The email included a form letter that could be signed and sent by the reader, designed to be sent to U.S. Senators. The form letter noted: "Without these protections, Wyoming would allow wolves to be shot on sight in more than 90 percent of the state and most other states fortunate to have wolves would drastically reduce population numbers. Wolves occupy a mere 5 percent of their historic range, have only just begun to get a foothold in Oregon and Washington, and are absent from many other states and regions where quality wolf habitat remains."

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