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Pinedale Online > News > November 2010 > Rocky Mountain Power requests 17.3% price increase in Wyoming

Rocky Mountain Power. Photo by Rocky Mountain Power.
Rocky Mountain Power
Rocky Mountain Power requests 17.3% price increase in Wyoming
Necessary to serve customers’ growing electricity needs and comply with environmental regulations
by Rocky Mountain Power
November 23, 2010

Rocky Mountain Power has requested the Wyoming Public Service Commission’s permission to increase its electricity prices in the state by an overall average of about 17.3 percent. The proposed price increase is necessary to serve Wyoming customers’ growing electricity needs and to comply with environmental requirements.

If approved as requested, price changes to customers would take effect ten months from now, on Sept. 22, 2011. The size of a customer’s price increase would vary based on their customer class and electricity use. For a typical household that uses 825 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month, the requested residential price change would amount to an average increase of about 50 cents per day.

"We’ve been providing electricity for nearly a century, and our prices in Wyoming continue to be among the lowest in the nation and in the world," said Richard Walje, Rocky Mountain Power president. "Despite our best efforts to control expenses, however, the energy landscape is changing and the cost of providing electricity is increasing.

"We are investing billions of dollars in our system to provide customers with continued safe and reliable electric service," said Walje. "Costs to serve customers that are largely beyond the company’s control are rising significantly every year. Accordingly, customer prices must also increase to include these additional costs."

There are two primary drivers for the requested price increase: 1) rising costs for purchased power and coal used as fuel at power plants; and 2) new electric generation, transmission lines, environmental controls and other capital investments necessary to serve the utility’s customers. Walje noted that customers in Wyoming pay only for what they use from the company’s system resources such as transmission lines, power plants and wind projects that also benefit its customers in other states.

"We recognize that price increases can be difficult for many customers, especially in the current economy," said Walje. "We don’t make these requests lightly and ask only for what is necessary to serve our Wyoming customers. As an essential public service provider, we have a fundamental role in supporting Wyoming’s continued economic vitality."

Rocky Mountain Power urges customers to take advantage of its energy efficiency programs to help lessen the impact of any price increases. Information is available online at Assistance programs also are available for income-qualifying customers who need help paying their power bills. Customers are encouraged to call at the first sign of trouble making payments, toll free at 1-888-221-7070.

Customers can view informational videos about this price request and related topics on Rocky Mountain Power’s website at Additionally, the company plans to hold several community open houses in early 2011 to provide an opportunity for customers to ask questions and learn more about the energy efficiency programs available to help them save energy and money.

About Rocky Mountain Power
Rocky Mountain Power and its predecessor companies have provided electricity in the West for nearly 100 years. With more than 1 million customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho, our employees strive to provide safe and reliable electric service at a reasonable price. One of the lowest-cost electric utilities in the nation and in the world, Rocky Mountain Power has approximately 1,500 employees in Wyoming and serves about 135,000 customers in communities across the state. For more information, visit

Pinedale Online > News > November 2010 > Rocky Mountain Power requests 17.3% price increase in Wyoming

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