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Pinedale Online > News > November 2010 > Election Day includes vote on judges’ retention
Election Day includes vote on judges’ retention
November 1, 2010

Between terms, Wyoming’s Supreme Court justices and district and circuit court judges stand for a retention vote during each General Election to determine if they should keep their offices.

In the Ninth District Court, Judges Marvin L. Tyler of Pinedale and Norman E. Young of Lander stand for retention votes by the public on Tuesday, November 2nd.

A recent survey completed by almost half of the Wyoming State Bar’s active members shows Judge Tyler received a 93.9-percent favorable rating from 114 bar members, with 6.1 percent opposed. Also according to the Wyoming State Bar Judicial Advisory Poll, Judge Young received a favorable rating from 85.7 percent of 133 responders, with 14.3 percent opposed.

Retention is determined by "yes" votes, not by leaving the question unanswered. If results indicate a judge should not be retained, the Judicial Nominating Commission then advertises a vacancy.

Click on this link to see the 2010 Judicial Advisory Poll Results for Federal, Supreme, District and Circuit Court .

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