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Pinedale Online > News > November 2010 > 2010 Pinedale Turkey Trot

Team Turkey. Photo by Craig Sheppard.
Team Turkey
Team Turkey included Andi Noble, Laura Noble, Zoe Noble, Lisanne Fear and Hadley Pape who dressed up as turkeys and trotted the course in a time of 38:03.

Nathan Stewart on unicycle. Photo by Craig Sheppard.
Nathan Stewart on unicycle

Sage Sulenta. Photo by Craig Sheppard.
Sage Sulenta
2010 Pinedale Turkey Trot
by Craig Sheppard
November 27, 2010

The twentieth running of the Pinedale Turkey Trot was greeted with not-so-perfect weather. The minus 8 degree start time temperature was compounded by high winds to intensify the wind chill to around minus 30 degrees. Undaunted, 68 runners, walkers and trotters started the three-mile adventure with only a few turning around after about a quarter mile of the course and coming back to the warm confines of their vehicles. Maybe they were the smarter ones! Even the head turkey had thoughts of turning around and, on a normal training day probably would have, but you know this was the annual Turkey Trot and he couldnít stop.

The first runner in was Jordan Vanna in a great time (given the circumstances) of 22:28. Right behind him was Sage Sulenta (23:50). Sage was the only out-of-stater in the field this year. He is a Pinedale native, but lives in the state of Washington now. The first female runner was Cassy Johnston in a time of 26:03, followed by long time Turkey Trotter Terry Cain (26:33). Thirteen-year-old David Rule led the school-age division (26:52), and Caitlin Tan was the first school-age girl in a time of 29:23.

There were a lot of walkers and walk/runners, but the first walker that walked the entire distance was Karen Stewart. She was, however, beaten by Nathan Stewart who rode a unicycle the entire distance. Now if you have ever tried to ride a unicycle on dry pavement, you know how tough that is. He did it on ice and snow with it being cold and windy besides.

This year Team Turkey made an appearance again. This year Andi Noble, Laura Noble, Zoe Noble, Lisanne Fear and Hadley Pape dressed up as turkeys and trotted the course in a time of 38:03. The participants this year ranged in age from 8-years old to 65-years young. Most of them were from Sublette County, which didnít surprise us. That day Ken Konicek called from New Orleans, where they were visiting Kathryn and said he had just run in a Turkey Trot there with 1500 participants. He said he was thinking of us when he was sweating in the 77-degree temperature. I am sure he would have been the only one in that Turkey Trot who would of even thought of participating in ours.

Despite the cold, all the turkey trotters still believe that this is a great way to start Thanksgiving Day off and plan on revisiting the Pinedale Turkey Trot next year. Many thanks goes out to the school for the use of their tables and cones, to the Half Marathon committee for the use of their timer, to Wyatt Sheppard for being the official timer and to Ellen Sheppard for helping from inside the warm house.

Donít forget, it is not to late get in shape for the 21st running of the Pinedale Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning 2011 at 9AM in front of the Sheppardís house.

Photos courtesy Craig Sheppard

Pinedale Online > News > November 2010 > 2010 Pinedale Turkey Trot

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