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Pinedale Online > News > October 2010 > Montana wolf update
Montana wolf update
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
October 26, 2010

Montana, Fish, Wildlife and Parks reports in the MONTANA WOLF PROGRAM WEEKLY REPORT for October 9 through 15, 2010 the following:

"On 10/14, a coyote trapper reported capturing a wolf in a trap in the Big Hole south of Wisdom. FWP was able to respond immediately and collared and released the wolf.

Wolf - Livestock Activities
"On 10/6, a wolf was reported in a horse pasture circling horses on private property in the Mill Gulch area northeast of Alder (east of Twin Bridges in southwest MT). On 10/7, FWP made an onsite visit.

"On 10/7, WS confirmed 3 adult ewes as being killed by wolves and another ewe as injured. This was in the Rock Creek area on private land south of Dillon. The producer has a herder and guard dogs and is night penning the sheep. FWP initially requested WS place a collar in the group as none was placed after a previous confirmed loss on 6/13 of 5 ewes and 4 lambs in this same area and a new group was suspected at the time. But on 10/14, WS confirmed an adult ewe as being killed by wolves in the same area. WS determined that wolves had gotten into the sheep and the sheep scattered over a large area but no other losses were found. The sheep will be in this pasture until 12/1. FWP authorized WS to remove any or all wolves found in the pasture. On 10/15, WS found 4 wolves in the pasture and killed three of the four. All three were black the remaining wolf was gray. WS still has traps in the area and will run them for a few more days if a wolf is caught it will be collared.

"On 10/9, WS confirmed a calf as killed by a wolf or wolves on public land near Pipestone east of Butte. No radio collar was heard in the area. WS will continue attempts to collar and release a wolf to determine current level of wolf activity.

"On 10/10 during a routine monitoring flight, FWP located wolves next to a cow carcass on private land west of Hall. WS investigated on 10/11 and confirmed it as wolf predation. The wolves involved are a new pair of wolves that settled in the area last spring. They denned on private land at low elevation near livestock and have spent most of the summer in and around cattle. Two packs (Willow Creek and Bearmouth) have been removed from this area due to livestock depredations and this new pair have been using parts of both these packs' old territories. FWP signed up a volunteer range rider in the area to help increase monitoring of both cattle and wolves. The landowner who lost the cow reports several other calves missing from the same area. Due to the high density of livestock in the area, history of depredations, and high potential for further conflicts, FWP has authorized WS to remove the pair and their 3 pups. An adult wolf was killed on 10/15."

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