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Pinedale Online > News > May 2010 > Town of Pinedale road construction update

Digging. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
Digging projects are crossing Pine Street/US 191 at Franklin and Fremont Streets. Work is progressing from south to north across the highway.

For more information about the road construction projects, contact the Pinedale Town Hall, 307-367-4136 during normal business hours. Maps are available showing the project areas.

Crossing Pine Street. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
Crossing Pine Street
Crews should be done digging and crossing Pine Street by the end of next week (May 8th).
Town of Pinedale road construction update
Pine Street crossing work should be done by May 8th
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
May 1, 2010

Here’s an update on the water/sewer construction going on around Pinedale which is being done to replace water and sewer pipes around town. This information is from Town of Pinedale Engineer Eugene Ninnie, current as of Friday, April 30th:

- There are three sets of contractors doing work around Pinedale and all are on schedule.

- Two contractors are doing water and sewer work, on Franklin and Fremont streets, and are in the process of taking their projects from south to north across Pine Street/US 191. They are constricting traffic down from four lanes to two lanes as they dig across the highway. These contractors will not be working over the weekend, but they are working into the evening to try and get as much done as quickly as possible. The Franklin Street contractor was able to finish their underground digging work and refill the hole by day’s end on Friday returning that crossing to four lanes. The Fremont Street project still has some more digging to do, so their crossing will be constricted to two-lanes for traffic to get past them through the weekend. Workers will return on Monday to resume these two digging projects, reshuffling traffic as needed as they progress across Pine Street through next week. These projects will proceed north up to and end at Magnolia Street, one block north on their respective streets. This will impact traffic to businesses on both streets (Wells Fargo Bank, High Mountain Real Estate, Cowboy Shop, Rio Verde, Knot Just Hair, Moosely Mailboxes). Both contractors are expected to be through Pine Street by the end of next week. Crews are hoping to get their digging projects done before irrigation water is turned on, which will cause the tater table to rise and complicate the digging and pipe replacement process. Once all the digging is completed, crews will come in later to resurface the roads and do curb, gutter and sidewalk work as needed.

- The last contractor is doing Phase 5 waterline digging work on the southwest side of Pinedale on Jackson, Madison and Washington streets. They will do work up to the highway/Pine Street, but do not need to dig across it because that part of the main is good. Their work on the various streets will continue through the rest of the summer and will include digging to replace pipes, refilling the hole, replacing curbs and gutters, and putting in sidewalks as needed.

- Anyone who has questions about what construction is taking place where, and the schedule for disruption, can get more information from the Pinedale Town Hall, 307-367-4136 , during normal business hours. They have maps available showing the construction projects.

Pinedale Online > News > May 2010 > Town of Pinedale road construction update

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