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May Fishing Report
by Mike Kaul, Two Rivers Emporium
May 10, 2010

When spring hits the Rockies, fly fisher’s thoughts and conversations turns to weather and water.

Entering May, the normal transition month finds us here in Pinedale with no snow accumulation in the low climes, but looking at the Wind River Mountains there looks to be some significant drifts in some of the crevices. Part of that accumulation is carry over from some of the significant moisture we had late last October. As always, it depends on the temperatures in late May and through the month of June which dictates how fast the water comes out of the mountains.

Currently the streams are low, clear and very fishable. The warm temperatures we had late March and early April melted what little low snow we had and dumped the water into the major tributaries for a brief period of time, but that run-off was short-lived due to the return of cooler temperatures. The importance of this is when it warms up again and the high snow starts to melt and run down the drainages it will not be joined by much low-land snow. This could present a situation where we may get a nice even flow during the run-off. Time, temperature and spring rains will dictate the outcome.

If you are looking to participate in some early spring fishing in Sublette County, dress warm and be prepared to deice the guides on your rod frequently. Most of the streams are open in the low country, but the lakes still have a lot of ice. The trout are hungry, but due to the cold water temperatures, they are still trying to conserve energy so they will take the easy nymph drifting near their nose or if they move, it will be for a big meal. Many anglers are doing well dead drifting small nymphs size 14 or 16 through deeper runs. Try darker bead head patterns such as hares ear, prince, zebra john or the shop favorite "the bateman". For the big mouthfuls, forage fish patterns will work well, such as the woolly buggers, rubber legged belders, double bunnies and the old standby the muddler minnow. The sizes for these offerings run from 2-8 depending on the size of the water you are fishing.

With the thin water conditions on the Green River, I recommend floats on the Snake River and the South Fork. They are both currently working very well.

Call Two Rivers Emporium for current conditions. 1-800-329-4352.

Mike Kaul
Two Rivers Emporium LLC
211 W Pine
P.O. Box 1218
Pinedale, WY 82941
(307) 367-4131

Pinedale Online > News > May 2010 > May Fishing Report

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