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Pinedale Online > News > December 2009 > Mountain Lion seen near Pinedale

Cougar. Photo by National Park Service.
Mountain lions are also called cougars. National Park Service stock photo.
Mountain Lion seen near Pinedale
Near the CCC Ponds
by Wyoming Game & Fish
December 30, 2009

PINEDALE – A recent mountain lion sighting near the CCC Ponds north of Pinedale has prompted Game & Fish officials to remind local residents that mountain lions are currently active around the area and simple precautions can reduce the chance of conflicts or an encounter.

There are several different reasons why a mountain lion could show up at a person’s residence, but taking certain safety measures decreases this possibility significantly.

- Never feed deer or other big game animals. Feeding deer congregates them which may in turn attract mountain lions. ü Keep your cats indoors. Mountain lions are territorial and often are attracted to and kill outdoor cats.

- Keep small dogs indoors. While a larger dog will most likely deter lions, small dogs can attract them and be killed.

- Remove dense vegetation near your home and sidewalks and anything else that would allow a mountain lion a place to hide. ü Never throw scraps of meat or fish into compost piles as this can draw in lions.

- Do not leave pet food outdoors.

- Be especially cautious at dawn, dusk, and night.

- Never, under any circumstances feed or approach mountain lions.

Mountain lion attacks are extremely rare in Wyoming. Of attacks that have occurred in other states, most of the victims were children or lone adults. If you do encounter a mountain lion it will most likely retreat.

If a lion does not retreat, get aggressive. Make yourself look as big and intimidating as possible by raising and swinging your arms and yelling. Never run. If it advances toward you, throw anything you can at it – rocks, sticks, whatever you can find. If it attacks, fight back in any way possible. The use of bear spray can be effective as a deterrent as well.

The majority of Wyoming is mountain lion habitat and encountering one is a possibility. The recent sighting in the Pinedale area reminds us that exercising caution and common sense is always a good idea when living and recreating in lion country.

If you see or encounter a mountain lion in a developed area contact your local game warden or the Pinedale Game & Fish office at 1-800-452-9107 or 307-367-4353 as soon as possible.

Pinedale Online > News > December 2009 > Mountain Lion seen near Pinedale

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