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Pinedale Online > News > November 2009 > Yellow Ribbon project helps Wyoming soldiers during the holidays
Yellow Ribbon project helps Wyoming soldiers during the holidays
by Wyoming Army National Guard
November 9, 2009


To the wonderful Communities of Wyoming –

There are nearly 800 Wyoming Army National Guard Soldiers currently deployed from our state. Those brave men and women who have answered our nation’s call will be away from their Families and Wyoming during the most celebrated and joyous time of year.

During the holidays, Wyoming residents often call us asking how they can show their support to our deployed Soldiers. The Wyoming Army National Guard’s Yellow Ribbon Program can help with that question.

This holiday season the Yellow Ribbon Program is hosting "Soldiers Standing Tall for the Holidays," a pro-gram designed to ensure as many of our deployed personnel as possible know Wyoming residents are thinking of them during the season.

The campaign will put Wyoming residents in touch with Soldiers from specific communities to help spread holiday joy in the deployed location through their thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts.

We know our Soldiers enjoy receiving cards and letters from home, as well as items like beef jerky, baby wipes, razors, shaving cream, soap, books, magazines, hard candy, games, lotion, toilet paper, and baked goods.

To learn more about the "Soldiers Standing Tall for the Holidays" initiative, contact the Yellow Ribbon staff at (307) 772-5457, or at before Nov. 15 for details. Wyoming Army National Guard, 5500 Bishop Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, Fax: 307 772-5360.

To participate in the program:
Sign up to send a package to a soldier. Contact Tiffany Thomson at E-mail: and she will provide you with the name, address and mailing information for a Wyoming soldier.

Care Package Suggestions:
It is suggested to ship via flat rate boxes from the Post Office or online at They have military APO boxes at a reduced rate of $11.95 (normally $13.95) as well as less expensive flat rate boxes ranging from $4.95 - $10.35. Senders will also need to fill out a simple customs form, which are available at the Post Office. The package must be mailed by Friday, December 11th to ensure receipt for the holiday season.

Listed below are ideas for preparing a care package for adopted soldiers.

Food Items: Canned meats (Tuna, Chicken, Spam), Snack sausages, Beef Jerky, Cheeses, Crackers, Trail mix snacks, Nuts, Cookies, Brownies, Hard candy, Gum, Gummy Bears, Popcorn balls, Dry soup mixes, Health food snacks, Powdered drink mix, Flavored coffee, Packs of Gator-Aid that make a quart, Red licorice, Dried fruit

Reading Materials: Newspaper clippings, Joke books, Magazines & newspaper subscriptions, Cartoon books, Church newsletter, Favorite authors books

Toiletries / Other Essentials: Antacids, Aspirin / Tylenol, Baby wipes – any kind, Hand sanitizers, Disposable razors, Foot powder, Shampoo / conditioner, Batteries, Lotion, After Shower Body Oil, Chap stick/Lip Balm, Eye Drops, Nasal Spray, Soap

For the females: – women’s hygiene products: Oil of Olay Body wash and powder, Tupperware containers, Sewing kit, Zip lock baggies, Shoe insoles, Shoe cushions

Games/Puzzles, Pictures, Correspondence: Puzzle books, Travel Games, Electronic hand held games, Stationary, Envelopes and stamps, Video recorded message, Children’s school work, Prepaid International Phone Cards, PX Gift Cards, Pictures of kids, Pictures of extended family, Children’s art/craft projects, Hand sewn items, Crocheted items, Knitted items, Car / plane / boat models, Portable radio, Music CD’s / tapes, CD’s or VHS videos, Novelties.

Pinedale Online > News > November 2009 > Yellow Ribbon project helps Wyoming soldiers during the holidays

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