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Pinedale Online > News > November 2009 > Riders in the Sky performs in Pinedale

Riders in the Sky. Photo by Tim Ruland.
Riders in the Sky
The Riders in the Sky playing for a packed Pinedale Auditorium.
Riders in the Sky performs in Pinedale
by Tim Ruland, Pinedale Fine Arts Council
November 5, 2009

Legendary western group the The Riders in the Sky graced the Pinedale Auditorium stage Wednesday night, November 3rd, to an almost sold-out audience. The Riders brought with them their trademark blend of classic western music, slapstick comedy and a stage full of armadillos, cacti and random other decorations. The group played two full sets which included a movie segment and a kids-from-the-audience segment and, following a standing ovation, a two-song encore.

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  • Kids on stage. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Kids on stage
    The Riders perfrom with kids from the audience.

    Second Set. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Second Set
    The second set featured more music, laughs and a costume change.

    Solo. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    All kids from the audience were invited to the stage to sing on a few tunes, some even got to solo.

    Doug and Slim. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Doug and Slim
    After more than 30 years touring and close to 6,000 shows, Ranger Doug and Too Slim still know how to rock out.

    Woody Paul. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Woody Paul
    Woody Paul, "King of the Cowboy Fiddlers," sings lead and tenor vocals, and gained early experience in country-western music by hanging out with the likes of Roy Acuff. When not dazzling Riders fans with his fiddle, he's thrilling them with intricate rope tricks which he swears he'll get right before his career is over.

    Joey Miskulin. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Joey Miskulin
    Accordionist Joey, the CowPolka King, "plays both ends against the middle," as they say, on his "stomach Steinway." The master musician, who apprenticed with the late polka king Frank Yankovic and has recorded with everyone from Roy Rogers to U2, is also the Riders' album producer and a licensed driver.

    Too Slim. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Too Slim
    Too Slim uses his face as an instrument during one of the show's funnier moments.

    Ranger Doug. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    Ranger Doug
    Guitarist Ranger Doug, "Governor of the Great State of Rhythm," sings lead and baritone vocals with an ever-present big grin and warm twinkle in his eyes. A yodeler of breathtaking technique, he is also an award-winning Western music songwriter in his own right--and a distinguished music historian whose 2002 Vanderbilt University Press book "Singing in the Saddle" was the first comprehensive look at the singing cowboy phenomenon that swept the country in the 1930s.

    For the Birds. Photo by Tim Ruland.
    For the Birds
    Riders in the Sky perform in front of a Disney Pixar short film called For the Birds. The group wrote and recorded the score for the film as well as other Disney films, most notably Toy Story 2.
    Pinedale Online > News > November 2009 > Riders in the Sky performs in Pinedale

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