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Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Vets switch jobs
Vets switch jobs
by Wyoming Livestock Board
June 26, 2009

During June 19ths conference call, the Wyoming Livestock Board agreed to allow then State Veterinarian, Dr. Walter Cook to voluntarily exchange positions with Dr. Jim Logan, the Assistant State Veterinarian at the time. Dr. Cook will now serve as the Assistant State Veterinarian in the Cheyenne office, and Dr. Logan will be the State Veterinarian working out of the Riverton office.

The State Veterinarian has a very demanding travel schedule; Dr. Cook told the Board that his family needs made such travel problematic. He had requested a reassignment of duties so that he could spend more time at home. Dr. Logan agreed to the switch and is comfortable with the travel expectations. Dr. Cook stated that he and Dr. Logan had worked well as a team in the past and he expected that to continue.

Wyoming Livestock Board President Rob Orchard said, "We sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication that Dr. Cook has given to the livestock industry as State Veterinarian. The livestock industry in Wyoming has greatly benefitted from his knowledge, skills and abilities. The Wyoming Livestock Board has complete confidence in our new State Veterinarian, Dr. Jim Logan. The team that we have with both veterinarians is unsurpassed in the United States and we are proud to have them both in Wyoming!"

Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Vets switch jobs

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