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Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Summer Saddle Series Ropings at White Pine Resort

Ropings at White Pine. Photo by White Pine.
Ropings at White Pine
Summer Saddle Series Ropings at White Pine Resort
by White Pine
June 11, 2009

White Pine is hosting a series of Saddle Series Ropings this summer at the resort.

Roping Dates:
June 27, 2009
July 11 & 25, 2009
August 8 & 22, 2009
September 12, 2009

Triad #5 and under Drawpots, Series of 7 Ropings
There will be a #12 Roping the following day

These Saddle Series Ropings are Saturdays. The following day we will have a #12 roping. All ropings will be held at the arena at White Pine. Call before you haul, 307-367-6606. A message will be given if a roping has to be moved to a different venue or cancelled due to inclement weather. Sign up starts at 8:30 am, rope at 10am. Entries close at 9:30 am. Please be entered so we can draw and start at 10am and run an efficient roping. We have 80 HEAD of fresh cattle.

Ropings will be pick 1 draw 2 for $75, 3 head average, enter up to 2X for a total of 6 partners, or draw 3 or all 6 for the same fees. Each roping will pay 2/3 money back to ropers (cost of the saddles is not held out). Saddles will be awarded to high point #1 thru #5 ropers after the last roping (these ropings are for ropers to compete for saddles against ropers of the same skill level). There is no minimum attendance to be qualified to win the saddles. Handicaps will be taken off after 2nd steer. The #12 will be 4 for $40, enter 4X, no handicap, 2/3 money payback.

The ropings are under new management. If you have questions, call Bart Harris at 307-367-6606.

Click here for a printable PDF flyer about these roping.

Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Summer Saddle Series Ropings at White Pine Resort

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