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Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > PES Track and Field Day

Chase. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Molly Sullivan runs round and round trying to escape the giant pick ball that her classmates are pushing to make contact with her.
PES Track and Field Day
by Janet Montgomery
June 12, 2009

Pinedale Elementary School students ran around Monday taking part in the annual track and field fun day with contest that included three-legged races, an obstacle course, hula-hoop relays and more.

Janet Montgomery photos

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  • Three-legged race. Photo by Janet Montgomery .
    Three-legged race
    Bailey Watson and Sydnee Ivie work together in the three-legged race during the Monday’s track and field fun day.

    Potato Sack Race. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Potato Sack Race
    First graders start jumping together after climbing into potato sacks for a great race.

    Wiffle chase. Photo by Janet Montgomery .
    Wiffle chase
    First grade students try to listen as they place nylons with wiffle balls inside on their heads for a game that had the children chasing each other to grab the balls.

    Just fits. Photo by Janet Montgomery .
    Just fits
    Oliver Chambers pulls the nylon with the wiffle ball onto his head to find that it just fits, leaving little for his classmates to grab during the game.

    Obstacle course. Photo by Janet Montgomery .
    Obstacle course
    Maggie Majhanovich and Madelynn Deeds work together to make their way through the obstacle course with Maggie blindfolded and Madelynn giving directions to turn left or right or go straight.

    Ducks. Photo by Janet Montgomery .
    Zoey Whitehair and Jorja Warembourg stake out a spot to collect the ducks set loose in the water.

    Artistry. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Aaron Swift finds a secluded square on the sidewalk to chalk up with a very special design.

    Sensory. Photo by Janet Montgomery .
    Feet and toes were put to work at the sensory station where marbles had to be gathered from the wading pools and placed in a bucket to the side using only toes to grab the tiny globes.

    Pass the hoop. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Pass the hoop
    Oliver Chambers bends and twists to get the hula hoop over and under to the next person in line without letting go during the hula hoop relays.
    Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > PES Track and Field Day

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