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Pinedale Online > News > May 2009 > Questar donates $250,000 to Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust
Questar donates $250,000 to Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust
by Questar
May 23, 2009

Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) held their annual banquet at the Sublette County Ice Arena on Saturday, May 16 to celebrate donations aimed at wildlife habitat improvement in the greater Pinedale area. The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust Fund Board (WWNRTF) accepted major donations from several organizations which will go toward conserving and improving mule deer habitat in the Moose Initiative Boundary.

Questar Market Resources donated $250,000 to the WWNRTF. "We are so pleased with the progress and vision of the Trust and are confident that our donation will go a long way toward conserving and improving habitat that is important to sportsmen, wildlife and the greater ecosystem." said Chuck Stanley, Chief Executive Officer for Questar Market Resources.

Governor Dave Fruedenthal was not able to attend the event, but said, "In Wyoming our goal is to achieve balance between resource development and conservation, and we appreciate the support from industry. Thank you Questar for this donation."

House Speaker Colin Simpson was on hand, and said, "this is what the Legislature envisioned when we helped set up the fund, seeing industry and other private partners work with the Wyoming Trust account and the Wyoming Game and Fish to accomplish significant conservation efforts."

Questar’s donation will be divided into two projects with $125,000 each toward conservation and habitat improvements in the identified Moose Initiative Boundary and a perpetual conservation easement for the Duke Place in Sublette County, Wyo. The Nature Conservancy gave $125,000, matching the Questar donation toward the Duke Place easement through their Moose Initiative Challenge. Both contributions will be matched by the WWNRTF Board, totaling $500,000. Additionally, Questar’s total donation of $250,000 will be matched by the Legislative Challenge Account with a contribution to the corpus of the WWNRTF.

An additional match to the $125,000 that Questar contributed to the WWNRT will be made by the Trust Fund’s Board as projects are approved.

The total generation of Questar’s donation with all the matches is $1,125,000. This cash allocation will go toward conservation in critical wildlife habitat in the greater Pinedale area and throughout the state of Wyoming.

Steve Meadows of Jackson Hole, Wyo. , a board member of both the WWNRT and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife Wyoming noted, "There are a lot of sportsmen in Wyoming and the West that realize energy companies can be great partners in the conservation and enhancement of habitats on public lands. A lot of examples where high concentrations of trophy wildlife are found foraging on lands restored by energy companies exist throughout the state and the Rockies."

Contributions such as these to the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust Fund demonstrate the cooperation among sportsmen groups, energy companies and conservation groups. These groups have a vision of conserving and improving critical habit that is important to the future of Wyoming. The WWNRTF Board will ensure the donations are allocated appropriately for on the ground conservation.

Bob Wharff, Executive Director of SFW whose degree is in Wildlife Management, said, "There are a lot of factors impacting herds of moose, antelope, elk and deer in western Wyoming. Increased wolves, cougars, bears, coyotes, drought impacts on deteriorating range conditions and attempts to ban elk feed grounds are all factors impacting game populations. The Questar donation, the donations from other energy companies and the oil and gas royalty funds paid into the $88 Million WWNRT can be a substantial benefit to provide land and wildlife managers the resources needed to keep abundant game populations in western Wyoming that sportsmen have enjoyed for generations. The WWNRT is one of Wyoming's Crown Jewels. It is a lasting legacy that future generations of sportsmen will treasure. "

For more information about the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resources Trust Fund, visit or contact Executive Director Bob Budd, (307)856-4665. If you are interested in joining or learning more about Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife please contact Bob Wharff, 307-799-8944. Finally, if you have questions about the development of natural gas or would like more information about Questar Market Resources, please contact Emily Kelley, 303-308-3623.

Pinedale Online > News > May 2009 > Questar donates $250,000 to Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust

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