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Read Along. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Read Along
The cast members will rehearse four days a week over the next month.
Practice, practice, practice
'The Lion who Lost his Roar'
by Janet Montgomery
May 3, 2009

A room full of middle school kids read aloud their scripts recently as they prepared for the upcoming production of "The Lion who Lost his Roar," which will take to the stage with a public presentation on Thursday, May 28 at 7 p.m.

Photos by Janet Montgomery.

Ooooh!. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Victoria Carter gets into her role as Miss Tickle during the first read through for the Pinedale Community Theatre production, which boasts a cast of all children in grades 4th through 8th.

Giggles. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Sylvee McClure, who will play Josephine, left, and Claire Stough, cast as Lucy, laugh at the animated interaction of the co-cast members during Monday’s rehearsal.

Tori MacKenzie . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Tori MacKenzie
Tori MacKenzie will play Miss Sniffle.

Taylor Ruckman . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Taylor Ruckman
Taylor Ruckman will play Miss Noodles.

River Dauwen. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
River Dauwen
River Dauwen will play Ginny.

Wesley Hathaway . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Wesley Hathaway
Wesley Hathaway will play the lion, Cha cha cha.

Olivia Pape. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Olivia Pape
Olivia Pape will play Alice.

Is it my turn?. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Is it my turn?
Waiting to read lines can take time as Catie Hott soon learned during the rehearsal.
Pinedale Online > News > May 2009 > Practice, practice, practice

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