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Pinedale Online > News > May 2009 > Lion show roars with success

Family pause. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Family pause
Wesley Hathaway and co-director Barb Wise and Hathaway’s grandmother pause for a family photo prior to the show taking to the stage.

Cast and Crew. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Cast and Crew
"The Lion who Lost His Roar" cast and crew.
Lion show roars with success
Pinedale Community Theatre production of 'The Lion Who Lost His Roar'
by Janet Montgomery
May 30, 2009

One sixth grader with two fifth graders and 13 fourth-grade students performed "The Lion Who Lost His Roar" at the Pinedale High School Auditorium for elementary and middle school students on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with a public performance concluding the show’s run on Thursday night.

The Pinedale Community Theatre and the Pinedale Fine Arts Council produced the children’s play with Barb Wise and Carmen Hittle at the helm as co-directors.

Cast & Crew
Wesley Hathaway, Tori Mackenzie, Victoria Carter, Taylor Ruckman, William Stevens, McKenna Legerski, River Dauwen, Sophie Sinclair, Jace Buchanan, Sophie Haase, Clair Stough, Olivia Pape, Brittney Hill, Catie Hott, Shilo Thayne, Rose Oberreit, Sylvee McClure along with co-directors Barb Wise and Carmen Hittle.

Photos by Janet Montgomery

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  • Hold still. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Hold still
    Portraying Cha Cha Cha, the lion, Wesley Hathaway tries to hold still while stage manager Megan Hill and co-director Barb Wise adjust his microphone headpiece before the show begins on Thursday afternoon.

    Props. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Crystal Updike created hot dogs and buns for the lunchroom props that also included fake fruit and empty milk cartons.

    Backstage entertainment. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Backstage entertainment
    A tiny portable DVD screen propped up on a chair provides entertainment for several of the cast members backstage before the show.

    Miss Sniffle. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Miss Sniffle
    Before the audience comes to the show, Tori Mackenzie playing Miss Sniffle, the school nurse, rehearses with Cha Cha Cha, played by Wesley Hathaway.

    Final instructions. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Final instructions
    Final instructions The cast and crew take a seat on stage as they receive final instructions from co-director Barb Wise before the first show on Thursday.

    Great hair. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Great hair
    Trish Ziegler and Kelli Anderson twisted and curled and created beautiful hairdos for the cast members of the show.

    Lips ‘n’ cheeks. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Lips ‘n’ cheeks
    Kim Buchanan applies lipstick to Clair Stough while Rose Oberreit looks on.

    Preshow play. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Preshow play
    Cast members Tori Mackenzie, Rose Oberreit, Shilo Thayne and Sophie Haase tickle each other’s arms and find other ways to entertain themselves while waiting to take to the stage.

    Readying the lion. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Readying the lion
    Wesley Hathaway gets prepped for the show as Carmen Hittle applies the colored streaks for his lion makeup.

    Looking to be free. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Looking to be free
    Playing students at Chestnut School, McKenna Legerski, River Dawen and Sophie Trosclair talk to Cha Cha Cha The Lion in his cage at the zoo, and eventually, let the lion loose to give him his freedom.

    Miss Noodle. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Miss Noodle
    Cha Cha Cha is in search of his two hot dogs with mustard slightly wiped off after Miss Noodle, played by Taylor Ruckman, in the cafeteria has taken the uneaten food away.

    Miss Tickle. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Miss Tickle
    Miss Tickle Cha Cha Cha learns from Miss Tickle the principal that, as a lion, he is entitled to two hot dogs for lunch and finally that the ultimate punishment means he must leave the school for one day.

    Mr. Trebble. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Mr. Trebble
    William Stevens, far right, plays Mr. Trebble, the music teacher, who shows up at the cafeteria to conduct a few notes from the students (left to right, Catie Hott, Brittney Hill, Rose Oberreit, Sylvee McClure and Shilo Thayne) while Cha Cha Cha checks out the school lunch fare of hot dogs with mustard.

    Safety Dwayne. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Safety Dwayne
    Jace Buchanan plays Dwayne, the first safety Cha Cha Cha encounters during his trip to Chestnut school.

    Safety Lucy. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Safety Lucy
    Cha Cha Cha keeps running into safeties and getting citations for breaking the rules. Here safety Lucy, played by Clair Stough, cites Cha Cha Cha for running.

    Safety Rose. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Safety Rose
    Safety Rose, played by Sophie Haase is quick to give Cha Cha Cha another citation for breaking the rules at Chestnut School.

    Safety Alice. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Safety Alice
    Safety Alice Safety Alice, played by Olivia Pape, doesn’t want to ask any questions or give any citations, so Cha Cha Cah pushes her to give him a third citation in order to face "The Ultimate Punishment!"

    Home at last. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Home at last
    Cha Cha Cah gets a pass to run in order to return to his home at the zoo.

    ROAR. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Cha Cha Cha finally gets his roar back when he is safely home at the zoo in his cage.

    Special treats. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Special treats
    In celebration of the final show, co-director Carmen Hittle, along with help from co-director Barb Wise, made special decorated lion cookies for all the cast and crew members.
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