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Pinedale Online > News > April 2009 > Tax Day Tea Party in Pinedale April 15
Tax Day Tea Party in Pinedale April 15
April 14, 2009

A "Tax Day Tea Party" will be held in Pinedale in the Heritage Room at the Sublette Center, 333 North Bridger Avenue, on Wednesday, April 15th from Noon to 1:00 PM (time correction).

The Tax Day Tea Party is a national collaborative grassroots effort of citizens to protest the actions of the current White House Administration and Congress. People attending are objecting to current massive government spending, raising taxes to pay for the national debt, billion dollar stimulus packages and bailouts, the rapid expansion of government, and people upset because they feel the government isnít listening to them.

With April 15th being "Tax Day", national organizers wanted to use the day to encourage grass-roots protests across the country to ride alongside the tax deadline. Tea Parties will be taking place in over 2000 cities and towns, according to the website.

The Pinedale Tea Party is being organized by Bob Rule and hosted by the Wyoming Family Coalition. "Remember the Boston Tea Party back in 1773?" Rule said. "Well, many people are feeling that when Congress passed a spending bill without even reading it, we are once again back to the era of taxation without representation, and thus, time for another Tea Party."

"The mainstream media has pretty much ignored it and has not been reporting on it, but conservative news outlets such as Fox News and the various conservative radio talk shows have been promoting the idea for weeks. No one organization is behind the setup of the various Tea Parties, so in many communities, even here in Wyoming, multiple Tea Parties are being planned in the same city or town," Rule said.

"I don't view these Tea Parties as a Republican vs. Democrat issue", Rule said. "There are plenty of Republicans guilty of adopting an increase in spending and taxation, and there are also several Democrats who have been trying to rein in the trend of sending the nation into deep debt," Rule said.

Everyone is welcome. There is no charge to attend. Those attending are encouraged to bring a sack lunch. If you wish to drink any tea, bring your own tea. Rule anticipates the gathering at noon on Wednesday to be peaceful, constructive, and to be mostly a roundtable discussion of those attending.

For more information on tea parties taking place across the county on Wednesday, see the links below.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > April 2009 > Tax Day Tea Party in Pinedale April 15

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