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Pinedale Online > News > April 2009 > Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wyoming April 20-24
Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wyoming April 20-24
Review your spring and summer preparedness plans
by National Weather Service
April 5, 2009

The week of April 20 through 24 has been proclaimed Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wyoming. This is an excellent time for all individuals, families, businesses, schools, radio and television stations to review their spring and summer preparedness plans. This is the time to learn more about severe weather, develop severe weather preparedness plans, and test vital communications.

As part of this awareness week, a test Tornado Warning will be issued on Wednesday at 10:30 am for the entire state of Wyoming. Businesses, schools and local, state and federal government agencies should use this as a drill of their own procedures for what they do when severe weather threatens.

It’s springtime in Wyoming and that means our thunderstorm season and the chances for severe weather and flooding will be increasing in the weeks to come. Don’t get caught off guard with the dangers of thunderstorms. Become aware of upcoming hazardous weather by using the theme, "Ready, Set, Go."

*Ready* - Monitor National Weather Service Hazardous Weather Outlooks 7 days in advance. The potential for hazardous weather will be outlined along with any uncertainty in the forecast.

*Set* - As confidence increases, watches will be issued to give you a heads up that you need to be prepared for the possibility of severe weather within the next 8 hours.

*Go* - Warnings will be issued when the National Weather Service is confident that a storm is producing severe weather. Seek shelter now if you are in the path of the storm.

The National Weather Service will focus on the following themes each day this week:

MONDAY Severe Weather Terminology

TUESDAY Severe Weather Climatology

WEDNESDAY Severe Weather Safety

1030 am – Test Tornado Warning

THURSDAY Lightning Safety

FRIDAY Your Weather Information Sources

For more information about Wyoming Severe Weather Awareness week, visit the National Weather Service website at

NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.

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