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Big Piney-Marbleton Stage. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Big Piney-Marbleton Stage
The 64-mile loop through the Wyoming Range was a challange this year. The temperature was in the high 30's making the snow sticky and soft. The higher the temperature the harder it is on the dogs.

Melanie Shirilla. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Melanie Shirilla
Melanie Shirilla crossing the finish line and winning the Big Piney/Marbleton IPSSSDR.

Teams Return. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Teams Return

Musher. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Big Piney-Marbleton Stage Stop - IPSSSDR
February 5, 2009

The Big Piney ‘Ice Box of the Nation’ Sled Dog Celebration 2009 Mushers Banquet for the Big Piney Stage Stop Stage of the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR) was held on Monday night, February 2nd at the Marbleton Senior Center. The banquet included the annual Dutch oven dessert, 4H desserts, and beef stew.

Entertainment included dancing and the comical "Waggers 4H Club Doggie Fashion Show". Official IPSSSDR merchandise was available for sale.

Race Day for the Big Piney Stage took place on Tuesday, February 3rd from the Middle Piney Parking Lot starting at 9 a.m. This was a loop race, so teams returned to the same parking lot approximately 3-4 hours after the Big Piney.

Melanie Shirilla from Lincoln, Mont., posted the fastest time with a time of 4:07:35. Sam Perrino from Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories was second with a time of 4:27:04. Grant Beck, also from Yellowknife, came in third with a time of 4:30:03.

In overall positions, Shirilla moves into the lead with a cumulative time of 10:10:26. Wendy Davis of Lander, Wyo., is second with a time of 10:23:56; Perrino is third with 10:43:05.

After the Big Piney Stage, teams headed to Alpine to race up the Greys River Trail for Day Five before continuing to Kemmerer/Diamondville, Evanston, Lyman/Mountain View, and finally Park City, Utah, for the final stage and awards ceremony on Saturday, February 7.

With its unique dog-friendly "stage stop" racing format, the IPSSSDR stops in a different community each night, allowing the host towns to show their hospitality. Festivities for mushers and spectators alike include pancake feeds, dog parades, banquets, carnivals, and snowshoe softball.

The Pedigree® brand actively supports a wide range of programs that promote responsible pet ownership and highlight the contributions dogs make to society.

The International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race, the largest dog sled race in the lower 48 states, was founded in 1996 by Frank Teasley to make sled dog racing more accessible to the public. For a complete schedule, visit the race Website at, contact the race via e-mail at, or by phone at at 307-734-1163.

Photos by Carie Whitman and Logan Barlow.

Big Piney-Marbleton Stage. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Big Piney-Marbleton Stage
The Big Piney/Marbleton IPSSSDR was held Feb. 3 at the Middle Piney parking Lot.

Cheering Crowd. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Cheering Crowd
Big Piney/Marbleton community cheering on the Mushers.

Vet Check. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Vet Check
Chief Veterinarian, Caroline Griffitts, DVM checks this dogs hip.

Jean Wise. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Jean Wise
Wearing the Sublink Stage sled banner Jean Wise from Montana gets ready for the start.

Stacey Teasley. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Stacey Teasley
Stacey Teasley of Sublette County gets off to a great start!

3rd Graders. Photo by Carie Whitman.
3rd Graders
The Big Piney Elementary School 3rd grade class spent the day at the Middle Piney Parking lot taking in a full day of outdoor education. Pictured here the National Forest Service's, Nan Stintson talks to the students about pelts, bears, tracking and safety in the forest.

Follow the lead Teacher. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Follow the lead Teacher
The Big Piney Elementary 3rd graders are shown here with the IPSSSDR's Cheryl Lowham. "Follow the Lead Teacher" is new to the IPSSSDR this year, Cheryl is traveling with the IPSSSDR to each stop and transforming the days events into an educational and fun online learning experience for students. Visit and learn on the IPSSSDR website

Care of Sled Dogs. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Care of Sled Dogs
IPSSSDR Musher Sean Hard's wife, from Montana, took the time to educate the third graders on the care of the sled dogs.

Lunch Time. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Lunch Time
Lunch Time for the third graders. They ate their lunch and then spent recess playing around in the snow.

Emily Wade. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Emily Wade
Local musher from LaBarge, Emily Wade, helped several of the mushers get to the start. Emily spent last weekend in Dubois racing her team of dogs and ended up second.

To the starting line. Photo by Carie Whitman.
To the starting line
Melanie Shirrila form Montana leads her anxious dogs to the strt line. Melanie won the Big Piney/Marbleton leg. She completed the 64-mile loop in 4:07:35 averaging 15.3 miles per hour.

Dennis Trembly. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Dennis Trembly
Musher Dennis Trembly visits with Race Director, Frank Teasley just before the start. Dennis Does NOT speak English very well was a guess what he might have been saying.

Dodge. Photo by Carie Whitman.

Jeff King . Photo by Carie Whitman.
Jeff King
Musher Jeff King autographs Karson Stintsons IPSSSDR shirt be fore the race.

Sam Perrino. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Sam Perrino
Musher Sam Perrino of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada takes a few minutes with his dogs before the start. Sam finished 2nd in the 64 mile loop through the Wyoming Range with a time of 4:27:04 averaging 14.2 miles per hour.

After Race Meal. Photo by Carie Whitman.
After Race Meal
The "after the race" meal for the dogs. Each Musher seems to have their own recipe.

Krista Halsnes . Photo by Carie Whitman.
Krista Halsnes
Fifteen year old musher Krista Halsnes receiving a hug from her father after she returned from 64 mile loop. Krista finished 12th with a time of 4:52:37 averaging 12.9 miles per hour.

Musher Banquet. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Musher Banquet
Mushers and IPSSSDR officials gathered at the Seniors Center in Marbleton for dinner. There were ~ 150 people in attendence this year! We had a GREAT time with lots of good food and fun entertainment!

Joan Mitchell. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Joan Mitchell
Joan Mitchell preparing the yummy dinner. She and Dori spent hours preparing the beef stew meal and the Seniors Center for the Musher banquet.

Dutch Oven Delights. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Dutch Oven Delights
The Big Piney/Marbleton IPSSSDR Meet the Mushers Banquet was held Monday evening at the Senior Citizens Center in Marbleton. Big Piney-Marbleton is famous for their dutch oven desserts made by members of the community.

Rylee Whotman. Photo by Logan Barlow.
Rylee Whotman
Doggie Fashion Show: Rylee Whotman and her dog Hunter show their jumping trick for the Mushers. Photo by Logan Barlow.

Tailor Kirkwood. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Tailor Kirkwood
Tailor Kirkwood and her corgi,Cougar waiting for their time on the stage during the doggie fashion show. They were the Wild Hogs Bikers!

Brandy Sammons. Photo by Logan Barlow.
Brandy Sammons
Carie Whitman introduces Brandy Sammons and her little white dog Chewy. Photo by Logan Barlow.

Karson Stintson. Photo by Logan Barlow.
Karson Stintson
Photo by Logan Barlow Carie Whitman introduces Karson Stintson and Glacier. Glacier showed off his tricks for the crowd. Photo by Logan Barlow.

Samantha Meidel. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Samantha Meidel
Carie Whitman introduces Samantha Meidel and her dog, Gage. They were dressed as a Big Piney/Marbleton Doctor and patient. Photo by Logan Barlow.

Rylee Whotman. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Rylee Whotman
Rylee Whotman and her dog Hunter show their jumping trick for the Mushers. Photo by Logan Barlow.

Clay Team. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Clay Team
Big Piney 3rd graders made clay sled dog teams.
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