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Pinedale Webcam. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Pinedale Webcam
Pinedale webcam view on December 9. This cam is sponsored by Wolf Dodge.

Boulder Webcam. Photo by DEQ Boulder Webcam.
Boulder Webcam
View from the DEQ Shell Boulder webcam on Tuesday, December 9.

Marbleton Webcam. Photo by Marbleton Webcam.
Marbleton Webcam
Marbleton webcam, sponsored by Obo's.

White Pine Lodge view. Photo by White Pine Ski Area & Resort.
White Pine Lodge view
View from the White Pine Lodge webcam on Tuesday, December 9.

Bondurant. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
View from the Bondurant webcam on Tuesday, December 9.
Snow Storm Totals
Sublette County gets from 2 to 6 inches
by National Weather Service - Riverton
December 9, 2008

A cold front moved through Wyoming on Monday bringing snowfall to much of the area. Below are storm totals according to the National Weather Service:

Big Sandy Opening Snotel, 6.00 Inches
Triple Peak Snotel, 5.00 Inches
Elkhart Park G.S. Snotel, 3.00 Inches
Snider Basin, 3.00 Inches
Gunsight Pass Snotel,3.00 Inches
Kendall Ranger Station Snotel, 3.00 Inches
Loomis Park Snotel, 2.00 Inches

Grand Targhee Snotel, 12.00 Inches
Grassy Lake Snotel, 12.00 Inches
Phillips Bench Snotel, 8.00 Inches
Jackson Hole Raymer, 8.00 Inches
Snake River Station Snotel, 7.00 Inches
Moose, 5.50 Inches
Togwotee Pass Snotel, 5.00 Inches
Base Camp Snotel, 5.00 Inches
Gros Ventre Summit Snotel, 5.00 Inches
Granite Creek Snotel, 3.00 Inches
Jackson 2n, 1.50 Inches

Sylvan Road Snotel, 7.00 Inches
Two Ocean Plateau Snotel, 7.00 Inches
Lewis Lake Divide Snotel, 6.00 Inches
Sylvan Lake Snotel, 4.00 Inches
Parker Peak Snotel, 4.00 Inches
Thumb Divide Snotel, 3.00 Inches
Canyon Snotel, 3.00 Inches

Blind Bull Summit Snotel, 6.00 Inches
Cottonwood Creek Snotel, 5.00 Inches
Willow Creek Snotel, 5.00 Inches
Hams Fork Snotel, 3.00 Inches
Kelley Ranger Station Snotel, 3.00 Inches
Spring Creek Divide Snotel, 2.00 Inches
Afton, 2.00 Inches
Indian Creek Snotel, 2.00 Inches
Salt River Summit Snotel, 2.00 Inches

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