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Pinedale Online > News > December 2008 > Idaho wolf control continues
Idaho wolf control continues
by Idaho Fish and Game Department
December 6, 2008

Since wolves in Idaho were returned to federal protection in July, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has worked with federal officials to control wolves that are killing domestic livestock.

From November 4 to 24, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services confirmed 10 wolf depredations on livestock and another two probable wolf depredations. Wildlife Services also confirmed that wolves killed four cows, five calves, a ewe and a foal, and probably killed a cow and a calf, all on private land.

In response, government hunters shot and killed four wolves. During the same time in 2007, Wildlife Services verified two confirmed wolf depredations.

For the year so far, from January 1 - November 21, agencies have documented 136 dead wolves in Idaho. Of those, 86 were depredation control actions by Wildlife Services, nine illegal kills, 13 legal kills, four natural kills, and 24 other or unknown.

From January 1 - November 24, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed 15 cows, 85 calves, 212 sheep, 13 dogs and one foal; injured one cow, seven calves, six sheep, seven dogs; probably killed six cows, 22 calves, 57 sheep; and probably injured one cow, three calves and one sheep.

The Service is seeking additional information on a variety of topics related to the delisting. More details are available in the Federal Register October 28 notice which is available at the Service's northern Rocky Mountains wolf website:

The public comment period ended November 28.

Meanwhile, all wolves north of Interstate 90 in Idaho remain listed as endangered. All wolves in the southern half of Montana, in Idaho south of Interstate 90, and all of Wyoming are being managed under the 2005 and 2008 section 10(j) of the Endangered Species Act as nonessential experimental population.

Idaho Fish and Game is the designated agent for the Fish and Wildlife Service in the day-to-day management of wolves.

Delisting wolves and assuring their proper long-term management is the highest priority for the state of Idaho. Fish and Game continues to work with the Department of Interior, Department of Justice, other states and interveners on delisting wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains and management under state plans.

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