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Kindergarten Classes. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Kindergarten Classes
The 80 students that comprise the class of 2021 took to the stage at the Pinedale Auditorium for the first program that was just for the Kindergarten students.
Christmas Concert
by Janet Montgomery
December 8, 2008

Pinedale Elementary Schoolís kindergarten students entertained a full house Thursday evening with the class Christmas Program that included songs and poems.

Photos by Janet Montgomery

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  • Practice. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Before taking to the stage last Thursday, the kindergarten students headed to the Sublette Center for a practice rendition of the show.

    Steven Webb. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Steven Webb
    Steven Webb gets on his hat for the practice show and heads to the cafeteria to sing.

    Faye Kudar. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Faye Kudar
    Faye Kudar smiles while she sings the Christmas tunes

    Avery Shriver. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Avery Shriver
    Avery Shriver concentrates on the words for the program.

    Avereigh Stephenson. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Avereigh Stephenson
    Avereigh Stephenson gets into the moves for the upcoming show.

    Songs and Sonnets. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Songs and Sonnets
    The children sang songs and recited poems such as "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth," "Five Little Snowmen," "My Red Sled," "Iím a Friendly Snowman," and "Little Snowball" among others.

    Aspen Green. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Aspen Green
    Aspen Green checks out her hat during the practice performance.

    Rylee Helm. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Rylee Helm
    Rylee Helm keeps her eye on the Ms. Miller who is conducting for the students.

    Colton Quirk . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Colton Quirk
    Colton Quirk rocks out while singing "Santa Claus Rocks."

    Lauren Dinan . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Lauren Dinan
    Lauren Dinan dances to the tunes out while singing with her classmates.

    McKinley Boulter . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    McKinley Boulter
    McKinley Boulter sang the last solo verse of "Jolly Old Saint Nicolas" which also featured soloists Logan Wills, Riley Dauwen and Walker Wyckoff.

    Walker Wycoff. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Walker Wycoff
    Walker Wyckoff takes his turn at the microphone during a soloist verse of "Jolly Old Saint Nicolas."

    Grant Fornstrum. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Grant Fornstrum
    Grant Fornstrum takes a seat up front to sing out for the attentive audience.
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