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Pinedale on CNNMoney. Photo by
Pinedale on CNNMoney
Pinedale was featured in a series of articles, videos and photos on CNNMoney about the oil and gas industry in October.

Natural Gas Drill Rig. Photo by
Natural Gas Drill Rig
Natural gas drill rig in the Jonah field south of Pinedale.

Randy Teeuwen-EnCana. Photo by
Randy Teeuwen-EnCana
Randy Teeuwen, spokesman for EnCana.

Bob Barrett. Photo by
Bob Barrett
Bob Barrett, local outdoorsman, said Pinedale is losing its small town character.

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Pinedale featured on
by Pinedale Online!
October 19, 2008 featured Pinedale recently in a series of articles, video clips and a photo gallery focusing on the impacts of the oil and gas industry on nearby communities. The features, by Steve Hargreaves and Amy Ambatielos, are part of a segment entitled, "WYOMING: DRILL BABY, USA", posted on Friday, October 17, 2008.

The segments feature photos of the Pinedale area and interviews with local area citizens, environmental activists and people working in the oil and gas industry. People interviewed include environmental activist Linda Baker (Upper Green River Valley Coalition), Shane Thompson (owner of Half Moon Motel), Bob Barrett (local hunter), Chuck Otto (Pinedale BLM Field Manager), Travis Bing (High Mountain Real Estate), Brent Leyerly (former Pinedale resident), Randy Teeuwen (Spokesman for EnCana USA), Sara Domek (Pinedale resident), Vern McAdams (Business Director for Sublette County School District #1), Carl Grove (Drilling Supervisor, EnCana USA), Jeff VanGundy (Driller, Ensign).

The written articles, photos and video segment interviews do at times confusingly intermix issues related to drilling activity occurring in the Pavillion area with Pinedale area activity. Pavillion is located in central Wyoming north of Lander, on the opposite side of the Continental Divide from Pinedale. The two areas are not in close proximity to each other and do not share all of the same oil and gas realted issues and concerns as may be inferred from this series of articles and interviews.

Below are links to the various articles:

Small town, big changes
Want more domestic energy? Take a look at how big oil and gas companies are transforming lives in a small town.

'I do it for the money'
Working in an oilfield is lucrative work, especially considering the options out here in rural Wyoming.

Easy come, easy go
Students get lots of cash for school while town coffers are full. But oil and gas money needs to be taxed and managed properly.

A slice of life in energy-rich Wyoming
The race for domestic oil and gas is not only changing the landscape, but the way of life in many towns here.

Read through the series of articles to get to the links to the photo gallery and three video segments.
Boomtown bummer
(2:35) The influx of oil and gas workers pushes up rents and makes it hard for local business to find help.

Drilling's bounty
(2:51) Free college tuition, new school gyms and public pools are part of the payoff from new energy wealth.

Life on a gas rig
(3:10) Weather and long hours can be tough, but money and pride keep workers in the field.

Jonah Field. Photo by
Jonah Field
The Jonah Field from the air.

Chuck Otto - BLM. Photo by
Chuck Otto - BLM
Pinedale Field Manager

Pinedale Aquatic Center. Photo by
Pinedale Aquatic Center
The $20 million Pinedale Aquatic Center was funded by tax revenue mostly from the oil and gas industry.

Linda Baker. Photo by
Linda Baker
Linda Baker, Upper Green River Valley Coalition

Jeff VanGundy. Photo by
Jeff VanGundy
Jeff VanGundy, Ensign Drilling

Leo Schueler. Photo by
Leo Schueler
Leo Schueler, a retired petroleum engineer, works for Two Rivers Emporium in Pinedale.

Two Rivers Emporium. Photo by
Two Rivers Emporium

Travis Bing - Realtor. Photo by
Travis Bing - Realtor
Travis Bing, High Mountain Real Estate.

Kerri Kankersly. Photo by
Kerri Kankersly
Kerri works at the Wrangler Cafe. In the story she says she works 2 jobs, this one at the Wrangler Cafe for $5/hour plus tips, and pays $975/month rent. (Editor's Note: Waitresses can make double their salary or more in tips in a day. Also, average housing starts at $1500 per month and goes as high as $4000 per month. $975/month is below average for rent locally.)

Half Moon Motel. Photo by
Half Moon Motel
No Vacancy

Cowboy Bar. Photo by
Cowboy Bar

Peggy Maw - Sugar Shack. Photo by
Peggy Maw - Sugar Shack

Sundance Motel. Photo by
Sundance Motel
Pinedale Online > News > October 2008 > Pinedale featured on

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