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Pinedale Online > News > September 2008 > EnCana and Curran-Seeley address County substance abuse issues
EnCana and Curran-Seeley address County substance abuse issues
by Sublette Community Partnership
September 9, 2008

EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc. and the Curran-Seeley Foundation are working to address substance abuse and crime in Sublette County. Last year EnCana matched a state-sponsored grant to help bring Curran-Seeley to Sublette County to implement strategies aimed at reducing recidivism rates for residents who are on probation or parole as a result of drug or alcohol related crimes.

The immediate result of EnCana’s gift, as well as other county support, indicates a successful program has been launched. Curran-Seeley evaluated and treated 133 individuals during their first nine months in Sublette County. Thus far, only 21 program participants have had additional charges filed against them. It is particularly important to note that only 9 of the 21 had new charges involving alcohol or drug use/abuse. The other 12 charges were either traffic infractions or other misdemeanor cases. Participants in the Curran-Seeley program demonstrated a 7% recidivism or repeat rate. Nationally, recidivism rates for crimes involving alcohol and/or drugs run about 60-80% depending on resources quoted and differing definitions of recidivism. Clearly, the Curran-Seeley program is making a difference in Sublette County.

Randy Teeuwen of EnCana stated "The success of the Curran-Seeley program is one measure of a healthy community, which is important to EnCana. We are pleased that our contribution to this program has resulted in such outstanding success."

Mickey Gamble, local manager for Curran-Seeley, is equally pleased with these results, but cautions, "Our numbers are going up, which increases costs and the need for additional staff and funding. At the same time, our graduates are increasing the natural supports in AA and NA in the community."

The Sublette Community Partnership (SCP) provided the connection between the state’s substance abuse grant program, the Sublette County Drug Court, and the Curran-Seeley Foundation. SCP facilitates implementation of community development projects and activities as identified by various locally-initiated studies.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > September 2008 > EnCana and Curran-Seeley address County substance abuse issues

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