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Pinedale Online > News > June 2008 > Fire Season approaches
Fire Season approaches
by Bureau of Land Management
June 29, 2008

As Fourth of July celebrations approach, BLM encourages public lands users to be careful with fire during the holiday weekend and through the rest of the summer.

“We hope the public has a great time on their public lands this summer, and that they’ll remember to be cautious with fire,” said Acting Associate State Director Jamie Connell.

Wyoming weather forecasts predict a hotter, drier summer at elevations less than 7500 feet. These conditions increase the risk of fire. Areas at elevations above 7500 feet will experience no significant change in weather patterns, and therefore, risk of fire will remain about the same as in previous years.

According to Wyoming BLM State Fire Management Officer, Jeff Fedrizzi, BLM Wyoming has currently committed fire crews, fire engines and the Wyoming BLM helicopter to the wildfires in California in an effort to provide much needed assistance to the interagency community and to the people of California.

Recreationists need to be aware that numerous agencies and counties will post fire restrictions as the season progresses. To get up-to-date information on where fire restrictions are in place on BLM lands, visit

BLM has year-round fire restrictions on public lands that it manages. These
prohibitions include:
• discharging or using any fireworks
• discharging a firearm using incendiary or tracer ammunition
• burning, igniting or causing to burn any tire, wire, magnesium, or
any other hazardous or explosive material
• operating any off-road vehicle on public lands unless the vehicle is
equipped with a properly installed spark arrester

Please follow these guidelines:
• Make sure campfires are “dead” out
• Remember fireworks are prohibited on BLM lands in Wyoming
• Travel and camp with a shovel, fire extinguisher, and ample supply of
• Attempt to confine smoking within a vehicle or cleared area

Pinedale Online > News > June 2008 > Fire Season approaches

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