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Pinedale Online > News > May 2008 > BloomField Subdivision location for new K-5 Pinedale Elementary School
BloomField Subdivision location for new K-5 Pinedale Elementary School
Location one of five sites considered
May 29, 2008

Sublette County School District #1 announced their decision for the location of the new K-5 elementary school to be built in Pinedale. The new school will be built on a site at the north end of the BloomField Subdivision on the northwest end of Pinedale.

The decision was announced at a special community meeting held at the Pinedale Elementary School Library on Wednesday, May 28th. The announcement was the culmination of a site selection process that began in the Fall of 2007.

Five potential locations that were considered and narrowed down to two. Developers for both possible sites made presentations to the School Board, Long Range Facilities Planning Committee and several administrators.

The school issued a statement about the chosen site and gave these reasons for the ultimate selection of the BloomField site. At the community meeting, BloomField developer Matt Harber gave a PowerPoint presentation about the new subdivision.

Reasons for the selection of this site:
The school location provides a safe walking and biking atmosphere for students. The Bloomfield development has sidewalks, curbs and gutters and/or pathways along all roadways as well as linking with the town bike paths.
With the new developments and affordable housing near the school we will have a number students living close by. The Town of Pinedale is expanding in this area.
The traffic is planned for in advance with roads and access developed specifically for the new school and to handle the volume of traffic. We anticipate over 400 trips to school by individual cars and 20 trips per day for school busses.
Utilities and infrastructure are planned specifically to meet the needs of the new school.
Cost per acre was the most reasonable.
Additional acreage is available for purchase if desired.
Adequate assurances for completion of infrastructure were negotiated.
There is the potential for connection to the current campus without entering or crossing the highway.
The developer was very willing to be flexible, adjust initial designs and drafts of the project and to accommodate the needs of the school district.
This site allows the district to maintain their Redstone property as a pre 1997 asset.
This project also allows for the school district to loop the water at their bus barn.
This site is approved by the School Facilities Commission.

Pinedale Online > News > May 2008 > BloomField Subdivision location for new K-5 Pinedale Elementary School

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