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Pinedale Online > News > April 2008 > Editorializing or reporting?
Editorializing or reporting?
Wolf Watch
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
April 2, 2008

Removing wolves from federal protection has certainly generated excitement. We’ve heard from people happy for the hunting opportunity and those outraged that it’s occurring.

Several hunters have emailed this site wanting more detailed maps and even more specific information about where to go to hunt the wolves. You won’t find that information here. Maps of known wolf pack territories have been posted on this site, and that’s as far as we’re going. If you want to take a wolf, you need to do the work. Honor private property and winter range closures as well.

I also received an email complaining that those taking wolves aren’t sportsmen” and this isn’t “hunting,” and instead should be called “killing.” I disagree. I know the dedication of some of these sportsmen – they’ve been tracking these wolves for a while, learning their movements and habits. Wolves aren’t stupid and these hunters aren’t shooting fish in a barrel. It’s a hunt.

There were plenty of hunters out and about in the county last weekend and I expect the same this weekend. From talking with these sportsmen, they are really excited about the possibility of taking a wolf. Those who believe it is because they hate wolves simply don’t get it.

There is a segment of the general public that is outraged by the wolf delisting and by the killing of any of these wolves. Some are trying to organize boycotts of the state, and others are praying for an injunction to stop the killing. Some are stretching the truth about what is actually happening on the ground.

I generally don’t like to editorialize on this site. Readers need to remember that I’m happy to receive emails with news tips, but this is not a blog in which arguments are going to take place. We don’t post comments and opinions – no matter which side is talking. Go somewhere else for that.

This is a news site. We’ll try to keep you informed about what’s really going on with wolves in this corner of the world.

As our welcome statement to this site states: "Rather than an agenda-driven advocacy site, this is the place to be for the facts about wolves, with a strong focus on what’s happening on the ground." We invite those living in areas inhabited by wolves to contact Cat with news tips, photographs, or other information. We also invite those who want to support this endeavor to sign on as sponsors, and for our readers to support those sponsors.”

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