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Pinedale Online > News > February 2008 > US 191 Road closure update
US 191 Road closure update
A mess south of Farson to Rock Springs
by Pinedale Online!
February 14, 2008

Road Update: Thursday, February 14, 8:35 AM:
Pinedale Online Editor’s Note: We’ve been listening to the scanner traffic and can hear conversations between the snowplow drivers. Apparently some people are still trying to drive on the closed roads, but they aren’t getting very far and they are causing additional problems for plows trying to clear the roads as well as emergency services trying to help those people stranded and clear their vehicles off the roads and get them unstuck.

US 191 is CLOSED between Farson and Rock Springs. Despite that, there are about 30 cars now stuck in that stretch of road. Some southbound cars have slid into the northbound lane, others are off the road and stuck, more are parked on the sides of the road. Plows are having a hard time getting through and wreckers are having trouble getting up and through the drifts to get to those people who are stuck. They are now going to physically block US 191 at Farson south to try and keep more people from trying to drive into that stretch.

Below are some of the comments we’ve heard recently this morning from the snowplow drivers. These are plows working from Bondurant, Cora, Pinedale, Big Piney, LaBarge, Farson areas for US 191 and 189; WYO 351, 352, 353, 354, 28. (Note: We highly commend the snow plow drivers and their hard work in keeping the roads open and being out in the absolutely worst of conditions doing their best to make the roads safer.)
Valentine’s Day, February 14, morning road clearing:
“I’m just trying to get a hole punched in.”
“About as bad as I’ve ever seen it.”
“We’ve got a mess on 191 south (of Farson)” 10:45 AM

The weather is supposed to improve today, so we ask drivers to please not try to drive on these closed roads now. In most cases, you won’t be able to get through, and you and your stuck vehicle will end up just adding to the problem. Please give the plows a chance to work these roads and get them cleared out. Check the WYDOT road reports for the latest updates on closures.

National Weather Service, 8:24AM, Update for I-80 and Rock Springs area weather: Blizzard conditions will continue across Sweetwater County today. Strong winds will cause significant blowing snow across the Wind River Mountains and the Green Mountains today. Snow and strong NE wind will continue across Sweetwater County northward to South Pass today with blizzard conditions. Snow drifts from 2 to 8 feet have been reported from Rock Springs to Wamsutter with 40 to 60 mph winds. Most of the roads are closed from S. Fremont county south across Sweetwater county. Strong winds are expected to cause considerable blowing and drifting snow across the impacted areas. Roads across south-central Wyoming will remain slick with snow and ice through the day. The Blizzard Advisory is in effect until 3:00 PM today.

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