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Pinedale Online > News > February 2008 > 2008 Regional Science Fair Winners
2008 Regional Science Fair Winners
Pinedale Middle School
by Retta Hudlow
February 12, 2008

Behavioral and Social Sciences
2nd place Sessions Lowham: Interaction Reaction
3rd place Randie Jaquez: Hear No Evil

1st place Erin Egle: Glucose: Bump Set or Spike
2nd place Brittany Andreasen: Fast, Faster, Fastest
3rd place Sadie Meeks: May the Best Scent Win

1st place Connor Kingsbury: Forest Wars
2nd place Kodee Williams: To Grow or Not to Grow
3rd place Eliza Nelson: Compaction Action

2nd place Nikki Wadsworth

1st place Shane Adams: The Less of Wireless: Year Two

Earth and Space Sciences
3rd place (tie) Annie Grant: Let it Snow
3rd place (tie) Liz Hampton:

2nd place Hattie McKay: Insulation, Naturally: A Continuation
3rd place Bailey Lozier: The Longest Yard

Environmental Sciences
1st place (tie) Megan Grassell “Pit”-iful Air
1st place (tie) Joslyn Thompson: Downstrean and Dirty
2nd place Ali Wadsworth: Is It H2O?
3rd place Sara Ritschel: Of the Highest Quality

1st place (tie) Tayln Costello: Buy or Rent…Show Me the Money
1st place (tie) Thomas Shaffer: Water Water Everywhere
2nd place Kelli Terrell: CO2 the Big Q
3rd place Baylee Buchanan: Watts Up?

Medicine and Health
2nd place Klint Choate: Get A Grip
3rd place Jalin McKinney: When the Heart Stops

1st place Heather Grossman: Not Nice Rice
2nd place Tori Wallace: Purification Celebration

3rd place Quinn Farrand: This Climate Suits Me

3rd place Chase Anderson: Determination Incubation

1st place (tie) Ally Perry and Cindi Shenefelt: Hydration Nation
1st place (tie) Erin Trotta and Christina Silvey: Tree Terrorizers
2nd place Kayla Grove and Brooke Hocker: Daphnia in Control
3rd place Aunders Hallsten and John Cooney: Who Let the Gas Out? Year Two

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