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Pinedale Online > News > January 2008 > Wolves big money for Defenders

Winning Ad. Photo by Defenders of Wildlife.
Winning Ad
The ad campaign soon to be running in newspapers, with Congressional members the intended target.
Wolves big money for Defenders
by Cat Urbigkit
January 11, 2008

A special wolf action fund of Defenders of Wildlife has been successful in raising $45,000 in less than 12 hours, according to a website used to generate donations for the environmental group. It's part of campaign to raise $150,000, of which more than $117,000 has already been raised as "emergency

The money is being raised as part of the campaign to "Stop the Alaska wolf massacre." Concerned wolf advocates were asked to vote on which advertising campaign Defenders should use, while also being asked to contribute money to save wolves.

Although framed as a fight to stop aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska, it's a much bigger campaign than that. It aims to stop such aerial gunning nationwide. The bottom line of the ad advocates passage of the Protect America's Wildlife Act.

Alaska Governor Sarah Pallin was critical of those supporting PAW, including bill sponsor U.S. Representative George Miller (California).

“Moose and caribou are important food for Alaskans, and Congressman Miller’s bill threatens that food supply,” said Palin. “Congressman Miller doesn’t understand rural Alaska, doesn’t comprehend wildlife management in the North, and doesn’t appreciate the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gives states the right to manage their own affairs.”

Miller’s bill would ban the shooting of wolves from aircraft, a component of moose and caribou management plans in five specific areas of Alaska. Predation can keep populations of large game animals at persistently low levels, limiting or eliminating opportunities for Alaskans to secure wild game for food.

Governor Palin is in agreement with Alaska Congressman Don Young, who announced his opposition to Miller’s bill, emphasizing that it is an affront to the sovereignty of American states guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

“This bill would be an unprecedented federal incursion into traditional State management of fish and resident wildlife,” said Palin. “If the federal government can do this to Alaska today, it can do it to any other state tomorrow. The other states, particularly the western public land states, should join us in expressing their indignation.”

“It appears to me that the Congressman has been inadvertently drawn into service as a fundraiser for national animal rights organizations that commonly spread inaccurate information about Alaska’s game management programs, and with which we are in court on these issues right now,” said Palin.

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