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Pinedale Online > News > January 2008 > Elk trapped for brucellosis testing

Waiting. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
Lots of time was spent Monday morning waiting for elk to enter either the Fall Creek or Muddy Creek elk traps.

Penned. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
There were about 300 elk trapped at Fall Creek Tuesday.
Elk trapped for brucellosis testing
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
January 29, 2008

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department started the third year of the brucellosis test-and-removal pilot project for the Pinedale Elk Herd this week at the Fall Creek elk feedground.

Although elk refused to cooperate Monday, on Tuesday, more
than 300 elk were trapped, with 187 cows bled for brucellosis testing and held overnight awaiting test results.

Elk that test seropositive for brucellosis will be transported to an Idaho facility for slaughter. The remaining elk will be released.

The project was a key recommendation of the Governorís
Brucellosis Coordination Team, with the goal of reducing
brucellosis rates in the elk herd, and reducing the risk of transmitting the disease from elk to cattle. Elk have
been trapped and tested for brucellosis at the Muddy Creek elk feedground near Boulder during the last two years, with the program expanding this year to Fall Creek. Brucellosis is a contagious disease that causes abortions in hooved animals.

Photos and story by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!

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  • Trap. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    This is the newly constructed trap at the Fall Creek elk feedground where elk were processed on Tuesday.

    Scott. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    WG&F's Scott Smith draws a blood sample from a cow elk.

    ElkAbove. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Some of the elk didn't take too kindly to being captured, with some attempting to climb their way out of the chutes.

    Laura and Cynthia. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Laura and Cynthia
    Laura Linn and Cynthia Tate work a cow elk in the squeeze chute.

    Dean and Darren. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Dean and Darren
    Dean Clause and Darren Rhea record information on a blood vial.

    Kate. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Kate Belinda was the official data recorder, keeping tabs on all elk processed through one set of chutes.

    Eric's calf. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Eric's calf
    WG&F's Eric Maichak gets harassed by an elk calf that's not happy about the trapping situation Tuesday.

    Calf on Truck. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Calf on Truck
    When the calf found out it couldn't beat up on Eric, he beat up on Eric's truck instead.

    Joel and Brian. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Joel and Brian
    Sublette County Commissioner Joel Bousman (left), also a brucellosis team member, visits with Brian Nesvik of WG&F.

    Laura and Chris. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Laura and Chris
    Laura Linn and Christopher Colligan process an elk held in the squeeze chute.

    Crew on scene. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Crew on scene
    This is the crew working one wing containing squeeze chutes. There are four chutes on each of the two wings.

    Pollards. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Terry and Nicole Pollard watch the action. Terry's an outfitter who is also a member of the state brucellosis task force, while daughter Nicole is the elk feeder at Fall Creek.

    Preparing darts. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Preparing darts
    WG&F's Terry Kreeger prepares darts to sedate bull elk.

    Shooters prepare. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Shooters prepare
    Jared Rogerson and Terry Kreeger prepare to dart the bulls.

    Jared lines up shot. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Jared lines up shot
    Since only adult female elk are tested for brucellosis, the bulls are removed from the trap so the remainder of the herd can be safely handled.
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