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Pinedale Online > News > January 2008 > Defenders funds subway posters on saving wolves
Defenders funds subway posters on saving wolves
Latest fundraising effort underway
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
January 18, 2008

Defenders of Wildlife is pleased with its success at raising money to save wolves. According to the latest campaign seeking money: "Thanks to the help of thousands of Defenders supporters, we've raised the funds we need to run ads in two of Washington, DC's most widely-read newspapers. More importantly, we've won critical new support on Capitol Hill for the Protect America's Wildlife Act."

"Now, help us turn up the heat by taking the wolf-saving fight underground! Sponsor our hard-hitting subway ads in the Capitol Hill subway station. For as little as $28, you can sponsor one of our 4' x 5' posters to reach thousands during the morning rush hour. A sponsorship of $56 keeps a poster up for a full day --$112 for two days.

"Our subway ads are only one part of our campaign to pass the Protect America's Wildlife Act -- vital legislation to end aerial hunting of wolves.

Next week, thanks to supporters like you, we're running another round of ads in Congress Daily -- one of Capitol Hill's most influential newspapers -- followed by even more ads in the DC area's widely read Express newspaper published by the Washington

"Your sponsorship of Defenders hard-hitting subway ads will bolster this media blitz and help expose the brutal reality of aerial hunting to hundreds of thousands of people -- including Members of Congress, their staff and constituents who come to visit their U.S. Representative.

"Timing is everything. As Congress returned to Capitol Hill this week, our subway ads are greeting staff on their way to work. All this week, Alaskan activists have urged Members of Congress to support the PAW Act, in person. Defenders staff has visited dozens of Congressional offices. And activists from across the nation have urged their Representatives to pass this vital wolf-saving legislation.

"We're already seeing results. In just a few short months, 104 cosponsors have signed on -- thanks to Defenders supporters like you.

"But we need you to keep the momentum going. Help keep our subway ads running through the end of the month with a sponsorship of $28, $56,$112. Or whatever amount you can afford. Only with your help can we put an end to Alaska's barbaric aerial wolf hunting program -- and prevent programs like it from spreading elsewhere."

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