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Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Halloween Night in Pinedale

Adrian Zuniga. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Adrian Zuniga
Adrian walks up Pine Street dressed as a clown.
Halloween Night in Pinedale
by Pam McCulloch
November 1, 2007

There is always plenty to do in Pinedale on Halloween.

The Chamber of Commerce hosted the Trick-or-Treat Business Walk. Several businesses were open from 4-6PM to hand out treats and candy.

The Volunteer Fire Department had a haunted house at the Pinedale fire hall.

The Sublette Center retirement center residents passed out candy and gave a warm place to trick-or-treat.

Also BP Gas and Oil hosted a carnival at Rendezvous Pointe with games and free pizza.

Photos by Pam McCulloch

Pine Street. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Pine Street
Pine Street was lined with trick or treaters.

Isabel McLaughlin. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Isabel McLaughlin
Isabel and her dolly, Grace, dress alike for Halloween.

Bicycle Gang. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Bicycle Gang
Some trick or treaters chose to cover more places faster by using their bikes.

Blushing Crow Photography. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Blushing Crow Photography
Tara Bolgiano was part of the Chamber Business Trick-or-Treat Walk. She took pictures of the kids.

Sue Hanson. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Sue Hanson
Sue Hanson, with Allen Agency Real Estate, dressed as a "large" lady and passed out candy.

China Gourmet. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
China Gourmet
China Gourmet was one of the businesses in town passing out candy.

Balloon Man. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Balloon Man
BP employee, Stan Lanning, hands out balloons.

Fishing Game. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Fishing Game
One of the many games at the carnival put on by BP was a fishing game which let kids cast over the table and quickly "catch" a prize.

Jaden Mortensen. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Jaden Mortensen
Jaden throws a ball at the witch.

Aiden McAmis. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Aiden McAmis
Aiden plays in the bubbles outside the Rendezvous Pointe.

Trick-or-Treaters. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Many kids went door-to-door trick-or-treating.

Aston Orr. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Aston Orr
Ashton was fascinated with all the orange balloons in Rendezvous Pointe.
Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Halloween Night in Pinedale

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