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Holding the heifers. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Holding the heifers
Merrill and Allene Dana quietly hold the gathered heifers which are destined for the corrals to be brand-checked, weighed and loaded.
Fall Shipping
The Campbell Cattle Company and the Spur Quarter Circle Livestock ship their heifers
by Joy Ufford
November 4, 2007

Recently, the Campbell Cattle Company of Bondurant and the Spur Quarter Circle Livestock (Merrill and Allene Dana) got together on Cottonwood Creek to gather and ship both producers’ heifers to feed lots in Nebraska.

The Campbells had summered their commercial heifers with the Danas, who pasture, weigh and ship thousands of cattle a year.

Taking part that day were the Danas, Kevin and Lennie Campbell, day riders Mike Dana and Jenni Snidecor, friend Steve James, brand inspector Mike Vickrey, and buyers Bob Jett and Jeremy. The trucks rolled in and waited patiently while the heifers were sorted, weighed, inspected and loaded.

After the “pots” lumbered back up the dusty Ryegrass Road toward the highway, everyone took a break and relaxed before being treated to a nice lunch made by Allene for the hungry crew.

Photos by Joy Ufford

Allene pushes the heifers. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Allene pushes the heifers
Allene prepares to push a group of heifers up the alley to Mike Dana and Steve James, who take over and push the cattle onto the scales to be weighed in groups.

Mike Dana and Steve James. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Mike Dana and Steve James
Mike Dana and Steve James move the heifers up the alley toward the scale house.

Jenni counts. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Jenni counts
Jenni Snidecor counts off heifers into small groups to be moved into the alley where Allene holds them for Mike and Steve.

Jeremy and Bob. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Jeremy and Bob
Jeremy and Bob use the scale’s mechanism as an impromptu desk.

Trucks coming. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Trucks coming
Unbeknownst to the heifers, there are cattle trucks on the way to haul them away to feedlots. Summer’s over!

Heiferd Herd. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Heiferd Herd
The Danas’ heifer herd bunches up against the end corral before being run past the brand inspector and buyers.

Mike Dana on ramp. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Mike Dana on ramp
Mike Dana shoots the breeze with the truckers who have arrived to take the heifers off to feed lots.

Stock Trucks Waiting. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Stock Trucks Waiting
Gigantic stock trailers line up awaiting their turn at the chute.

Bob and Mike. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Bob and Mike
Bob and Mike check brands as the cattle move down the alley toward the next corral where they will stand and be regrouped to load in the trailers.

Cowboy Steve James. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Cowboy Steve James
Steve James, a real cowboy and horseman, watches over the heifers waiting to file past the brand inspector, who diligently checks every single brand.

Cat over cattle. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Cat over cattle
A black barn cat resting up in the round bales isn’t perturbed one whisker by the milling cattle below.

Merrill Steve Jenni. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Merrill Steve Jenni
Merrill, Steve, and Jenni, who day-works at local ranches with her husband Boone, move more cattle into the alley.

Loading the heifers. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Loading the heifers
A driver makes sure the heifers are loading quickly and not turning back to run down the ramp back to the corrals.

Livestock truck. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Livestock truck
The livestock truck and trailer looks like a land-locked ocean liner from the rear.

Kevin Campbell and Bob Jett. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Kevin Campbell and Bob Jett
Kevin Campbell and Bob Jett finalize the sale of the Campbell Ranch's heifers.

Napping. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Horses nap at a corral rail.

Loyal Helper. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Loyal Helper
Mike Vickrey’s dog watches his master intently from his perch on the back of the flatbed.

Merrill and Jeremy. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Merrill and Jeremy
Merrill leans against the fence chatting with Jeremy after the heifers have been weighed. They weighed very well, everyone thought.

Unwinding. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Mike Dana, Merrill and Kevin unwinding after the cattle are loaded and down the road.

Steve James Relaxes. Photo by Joy Ufford.
Steve James Relaxes
Steve James (and everyone else) relaxes with an icy beverage after the loaded trucks have left.
Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Fall Shipping

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