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Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Driver smashes into Blushing Crow Studio

Damage to studio. Photo by Tara Bolgiano.
Damage to studio
A hit and run driver smashed into the Blushing Crow Photography studio late Wednesday night, before Thanksgiving.

My poor dog was in there, and hes blind."

Scene of the crime. Photo by Tara Bolgiano.
Scene of the crime
Sublette County Sheriff's Office deputies investigate the scene of the accident on North Franklin Avenue in Pinedale. The driver left the scene, but was found nearby a short time later.
Driver smashes into Blushing Crow Studio
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
November 26, 2007

Local photographer Tara Bolgiano, Blushing Crow Photography, was working late in her studio in Pinedale on Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving. Around midnight, she got a call from her brother and went out to socialize for a bit. When she returned about an hour later to get her dog, she discovered someone had driven into the side of the building causing considerable damage to her photography studio.

The culprit had left the scene. My studio was involved in a hit and run, said Bolgiano.

Sheriffs officers later located the vehicle and suspected driver not far away at a local lodging establishment. The exact details of the incident are still under investigation.

The impact of the crash sent furniture in her studio flying across the room. A heavy oak dresser that was against the wall was thrown 10 to 15 feet.

It isn't unusual for her to work late, she said. "I would probably have worked until 2:00 AM if my brother hadn't called me to come out."

My poor dog was in there, and hes blind," she said. "Hes alright, but he has been timid all week.

She estimates the damages to her studio and electronic equipment to be around $5,000.

In college they taught us how to hang pictures for earthquakes. Little did I know Id have to test it out. You can see from the pictures they stayed on the wall! said Bolgiano.

It is not known what the damage estimate was to the building, which is owned by Tom Brown of Pinedale. The building houses several businesses and is listed for sale for $280,000.

Bolgiano has a new location she plans to move into in January, but is now in need of a temporary location for her studio. If anyone knows of a "shop size" place that she might be able to use temporarily, she would appreciate having them get in contact with her. Please call 307-367-7210 or e-mail:

Photos courtesy Tara Bolgiano, Blushing Crow Photography

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