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Pinedale Online > News > October 2007 > Town of Pinedale Planning & Zoning: Reporter’s Notes
Town of Pinedale Planning & Zoning: Reporter’s Notes
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
October 3, 2007

Below are Reporter’s Notes highlights of the recent Town of Pinedale Planning & Zoning meeting held on Monday, October 1, 2007:

In attendance: Paul Rock, Rozlyn Leslie, John Fogerty (brand new member, 1st meeting). Not present: Pam Curry or Barbara Boyce.

The biggest agenda item was a Petition Request by the Harber family for annexation into the Town of Pinedale for a 230-acre proposed subdivision east of Ehman Lane/North of US 191.

The proposed subdivision would hook into Town sewer and water and would include:
36.8 acres for a school campus
38.0 acres for single and multi-family dwellings
6.1 acres for use as an RV Park
44.7 acres for a mobile home park/ manufactured homes
40.4 acres for apartment dwellings and condominiums
18.83 acres of open space.

Pathways would be created throughout the areas to allow pedestrian movement, and roads would be planned to connect through to adjacent subdivisions. The proposal includes space for locating a new elementary and middle school, if a deal can be worked out with the School District on that part of the proposal.

The Planning & Zoning public hearing was to see if the petition request was in compliance. There was considerable discussion about several concerns, including antelope migration through the area, flood issues and delineated wetlands, traffic impacts and study, concern over impact of larger-scale subdivision on city and county services, and quality of life impacts.

Vern McAdams, representing the Sublette County School District #1, spoke for the proposal. “The school district is very much in favor of this,” he said. The school district plans to build a new elementary school and have it up and running in two years. “We’d prefer to go up there,” McAdams said, (rather than build on their own property by the new school bus barn on the south side of US 191 near Ehman Lane). “We’re pretty excited about it. It would be a Win-Win for us,” McAdams told the commission.

Five other members of the public spoke, none against the proposal. There was acknowledgement that moving to the next step of the process for consideration of the proposal does not mean approving the subdivision. There will be many more opportunities for public input, and several more stages at which this subdivision proposal could be completely denied.

MOTION on the subdivision proposal: Leslie motioned to recommend approval of the compliance of the Alternative Petition, with the additional information provided to Staff regarding names of adjacent subdivisions and owners of adjoining parcels, notes regarding existing County Zoning and proposed Town Zoning, notes on preliminary plat mentioning covenants and restricts are proposed, table of soil conditions, corrected title block with language Preliminary Bloomfield Annexation Plat, separate master plan, and proper labeling of Barber Creek. Proper services agencies, ie medical, police, fire and utility companies are to be contacted prior to the Town Council meeting on Monday, October 8, 2007. Leslie adding the developers request is at a very preliminary stage of a long chain of reviews and approval requests. Fogerty seconded motion. With no further discussion, motion carried 2-1, Rock against motion. This petition now moves forward to Monday’s Town Council meeting for consideration.

Other P&Z Agenda Items:
- Mason & Mason P.C: Requesting recommendation of approval for a commercial building permit for a 192 SF office space. APPROVED.

- 1st Bank: Request for approval of a commercial building permit for new construction of a 2,700 SF Bank facility on the SW corner of Wilson Street and Entertainment Lane. This would be a 2nd building facility for 1st Bank (the one across from Faler’s). They will keep the existing building and use it for walk-in lobby traffic. New building will have extensive drive through, alleviating traffic congestion at other facility, and dangerous conditions during icy weather. New facility will have the loan department. There will be no open tellers at the new building. APPROVED.

- The Pinedale Bureau of Land Management requested approval to extend their Temporary Use permit for a residential trailer in the BLM yard, across from Bucky’s Outdoors. Trailers are allowed on a six-month temporary permit approval process. Trailers house seasonal employees, and are on Town water and sewer. APPROVED.

- George Palomba, Solitude Properties, request for Final Plat approval for 12 Commercial Condominiums, located East of the intersection of Club House Road and County Club Lane. APPROVED.

Pinedale Online > News > October 2007 > Town of Pinedale Planning & Zoning: Reporter’s Notes

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