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Pinedale Online > News > October 2007 > Town OKs Harber subdivision annexation request
Town OKs Harber subdivision annexation request
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
October 10, 2007

Reporter's Meeting Notes:

The Pinedale Town Council met on Monday, October 8th, for their regular town council meeting, with all councilpersons in attendance.

Harber Family Bloomfield Subdivision Proposal
The most potentially controversial item on the agenda was a petition for annexation by the Harber family for the proposed new Bloomfield subdivision on the west side of Pinedale. The purpose of this agenda item was to find if the petition for annexation was in compliance.

Matt Harber gave a presentation overview of the proposal plans. He spent the past week, since the Planning & Zoning hearing, contacting local services (sheriff, medical clinic, fire, public works, Game & Fish, various utilities, media, others) to give them maps and printed information on the proposed project. (This was done to meet Planning & Zoning’s requirement in their motion to approve the annexation request.) He has also been working closely with the school district on the possibility of locating a new elementary and middle school in the area. (School district representatives were not present at this meeting, but did speak at the Planning & Zoning meeting last week and were highly in favor of the project.) Mark Eatinger, from Rio Verde Engineering, commented that this was a 10-15 year development, and only the first step in a long line of steps before the project became a reality. Bernie Holz, representing the Wyoming Game & Fish, was asked for the agency’s comments about the proposal. He indicated it was very early in the project for the Game & Fish department to take a position on pronghorn migration, but in general all of the development on the west side of town is compromising antelope ability to migrate through that area, including the increase in traffic on the highway. He said a green belt along Barber Creek would likely help deer and other wildlife, but not do much to help pronghorn. Matt Harber said, “It is our understanding this will essentially cut off this migration corridor, if it’s not already with other development.” Harber said he was open to talk with anyone who has questions or concerns about the proposal.

The council chambers were full with member of the public in the audience, many of whom appeared to have come to hear this agenda topic. No one from the public spoke either for or against this proposal either during the subdivision agenda item time slot or later during the public concern portion of the council meeting. One person came in late to hear this item, and possibly comment. However upon realizing he was late and the vote had already been taken, he left without speaking on it. (Note that there will be several more opportunities for public comment on this proposal, and it isn't a "done deal" until the 3rd Reading by the Town Council. If anyone has objections to this project, they have more opportunities to speak out in public forums. Matt Harber is also open to talking with anyone who wants to know more about the proposal,

The Pinedale Town Council unanimously approved the petition for annexation. The next step is a public hearing at the November 26 Pinedale Town Council meeting, which will also serve as the 1st reading for the subdivision proposal. There will be two more public readings required before the new subdivision passes.

Other Council items of note:
- Hennick Street realignment engineering bill: There was discussion in the Bills section of the meeting regarding an invoice to pay for half of the engineering for realigning Hennick Street in front of the new medical clinic. The road has been straightened to take out an awkward curve in front of the new ambulance barn and turn the junction with Halfmoon Street into a “T” intersection. The Town is happy to pay for the valley pans and wave the water and sewer hookup for the clinic, but doesn’t want to pay a half share of the road reengineering. They will write a letter to the firm asking why they should pay for this.

- Limiting parking time in front of the courthouse: The Town is considering placing a time restriction on parking in front of the courthouse. They have heard complaints about parking and have had requests to limit it to either ˝ hour or 1 hour parking. They will talk with the County Commissioners and see how they feel about it.
- Small addition onto Pinedale Town Hall: The Town wants to build a small addition onto the back of the Pinedale Town Hall to create cold storage file space and possibly room for more offices. The space being considered is on the southwest side of the building where town vehicles are now parked. The building would be 400-500 square feet, nothing elaborate. They would like to start the construction soon.
- All other agenda items were passed or were given the approval of the Council.
1. John and Wendy Walter, utility connection for 31 S Sublette Ave.
2. 1st Bank commercial building permit.
3. BLM temporary residential trailer permit renewal; George Palomba final plat approval for commercial condominiums.

422-Modifying the definition of "Restraint"-3rd Reading. PASSED
423-Enhanced Penalty for Nuisance Dogs-3rd Reading; PASSED
424-Amend Title 18 "Master Plan" Municipal Code-2nd Reading; PASSED
425-Terms of Members of the Planning & Zoning Commission-2nd Reading; PASSED
426-Prohibit Private signs which attempt to control parking on public streets-2nd Reading. PASSED

See the Thursday editions of the local newspapers for further reports on this meeting. (Pinedale Roundup, Sublette Examiner)

Pinedale Online > News > October 2007 > Town OKs Harber subdivision annexation request

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