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Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > It’s not ‘IF’, but ‘WHEN’
It’s not ‘IF’, but ‘WHEN’
Preparing Sublette County for the next emergency
by Pinedale Online!
September 30, 2007

We’re had enough close calls for everyone to be aware that emergency situations can happen to anyone, anywhere. Government agencies and emergency organizations are always planning and preparing for the next emergency, whether it be a terrorist attack or pandemic flu, or a fire that comes close to burning down homes in Pinedale.

In the scariest, worse-case scenario, a pandemic flu like what hit the world in 1918-1919, the reality of that influenza pandemic outbreak that caused 20-40 million deaths world-wide is a sobering thought. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. It was a global disaster.

Are you and your family prepared enough to survive an emergency that lasts a year and strikes in multiple waves? In that worst-case scenario, no one will come rescue us. The entire world will be facing the same devastating emergency. There may be disruptions to transportation, wide-spread food shortages, communicaitons outages, worker shortages, elevation in crime rates, shortages of critical medicines and fuel supplies. How prepared would you be?

Families and individuals are pretty much on their own to become prepared. We have it a little easier here in Wyoming because most of us already know what can happen during Wyoming winters. A power outage can get serious if it lasts many hours or days. If your water supply is on a well, and there is no back-up generator, it means there is no water. If the heat source is all by electricity, a power outage can also mean no heat for many hours. If we're lucky, the outage will be remedied within a day, or 48 hours at the most.

In cooperation with Sublette County Health, Pinedale Online will be reprinting their “Family Disaster Supply Calendar”. This is available as a brochure from the Sublette County Public Health, at 619 E Hennick Street (next to the Pinedale Clinic). This pamphlet makes it easy to prepare, while there is time, by suggesting a short list of items to pick up each week from the grocery and hardware stores, first aid supplies and suggested “to dos”.

Grocery Store:
1 gallon of water for each family member and pet
1 jar of peanut butter for each family member
1 large can of juice for each family member
1 can of meat for each family member
Hand-operated can opener
Felt tip marking pen
Instant coffee, tea, powdered soft drinks
Also, if needed: Pet food, diapers, baby food
1. Make a Family Plan
2. Date each perishable food item using marking pen

Hardware Store:
Crescent wrench
Heavy rope
Duct tape
If needed: Leash or carrier for your pet
1. Check your house for hazards.
2. Locate your gas meter and water shut-offs and attach a wrench near them.

Grocery Store:
1 Gallon of water for each family member and pet
1 Can meat for each family member
1 Can fruit for each family member
Sanitary napkins
Video tape
If Needed: Pet food, diapers, baby food
1. Use a video camera to tape the contents of your home for insurance purposes
2. Store video tape with a friend or family member who lives out of town.

Hardware Store:
Plumber’s tape
Smoke detector with battery
If Needed: Extra medicines or a prescription marked “Emergency Use”
1. Install or test your smoke detector.
2. Tie water heater to wall studs using plumber’s tape.

Grocery Store:
1 Gallon of water for each family member and pet
1 Can meat for each family member
1 Can fruit for each family member
1 Can vegetables for each family member
2 Rolls toilet paper for each family member
Extra toothbrush for each family member
Travel size toothpaste
If Needed: Special food for special diets
1. Have a fire drill at home..

First Aid Supplies
Aspirin and/or acetaminophen
Rolls of gauze or bandages
First aid tape
Adhesive bandages (in assorted sizes)
If Needed: Extra hearing aid batteries
1. Check with child’s day care or school to find out about their disaster plans.

Grocery Store:
1 Gallon of water for each family member and pet
1 Can ready-to-eat soup (not concentrate) for each family member
1 Can fruit for each family member
1 Can vegetables for each family member
If Needed: Extra plastic baby bottles, formula and diapers
1. Establish an out-of-state contact to call in case of emergency.

First Aid Supplies:
Liquid hand soap
Disposable hand wipes
Sewing kit
If Needed: Extra eye glasses
1. Place a pair of shoes and a flashlight under your bed so that they are handy during an emergency.

Grocery Store:
1 Can ready-to-eat soup for each family member
Liquid dish soap
Plain liquid bleach
1 Box heavy-duty garbage bags
If Needed: Saline solution and contact lens case
1. Send some of your favorite family photos (or copies) to family members out of state.

WEEK 10:
Hardware Store:
Waterproof portable plastic container (with lid) for important papers
Portable AM/FM radio (with batteries)
Also: Blankets or sleeping bag for each family member
1. Make photocopies of important papers and store safely.

WEEK 11:
Grocery Store:
1 Large can juice for each family member
Large plastic food bags
1 Box quick energy snacks
3 Rolls paper towels
If Needed Sunscreen
1. Store a roll of quarters for emergency phone calls.
2. Go on a hunt with your family to find a pay phone near home.

WEEK 12:
First Aid Supplies:
Anti-diarrhea medicine
Rubbing alcohol
2 Pair latex gloves
Ipecac syrup and activated charcoal (for accidental poisoning)
If Needed: Denture care items
1. Take a family trip to gas meter and water meter shut-offs.

WEEK 13:
Hardware Store:
ABC fire extinguisher
Vice grips
1. Take a First Aid/CPR class.

WEEK 14:
Grocery Store:
1 Can meat for each family member
1 Can fruit for each family member
1 Can vegetables for each family member
1 Package paper plates
1 Package plastic eating utensils
1 Package paper cups
Adult vitamins
1. Make a plan to check on a neighbor who might need help in an emergency.

WEEK 15:
Hardware Store:
Extra flashlight batteries
Masking tape
Assorted Nails
“L” brackets to secure tall furniture to wall studs
Wood screws
1. Brace shelves and cabinets.

WEEK 16:
Grocery Store:
1 Can meat for each family member
1 Can vegetables for each family member
1 Box large heavy-duty garbage bags
Box of Facial tissues (Kleenex type)
1. Find out if you have a neighborhood safety organization and join it!

WEEK 17:
Grocery Store:
1 Box graham crackers
Assorted plastic containers with lids
Assorted safety pins
Dry cereal

WEEK 18:
Hardware Store:
If Needed: Child-proof latches or other fasteners for your cupboards
Double-sided tape or Velcro-type fasteners to secure moveable objects
1. Pack a “Grab & Go Pack” in case you need to evacuate.

WEEK 19:
Grocery Store:
1 Box large heavy-duty garbage bags
1 Box quick-energy snacks (such as granola bars or raisins)
1. Hold a tornado/hurricane drill at home.
2. Locate your gas meter and water shut-offs and attach a wrench near them.

WEEK 20:
Hardware Store:
Camping or utility knife
Extra radio batteries
If Needed: Purchase an emergency escape ladder for second story bedrooms
1. Find out about your workplace disaster plan

WEEK 21:
Hardware Store:
Heavy work gloves
1 box of disposable dust masks
Plastic safety goggles

WEEK 22:
Grocery Store:
Extra hand-operated can opener
3 rolls paper towels.

WEEK 23:
Hardware Store:
Battery-powered camping lantern with extra battery or extra flashlights

WEEK 24:
Grocery Store:
Large plastic food bags
Plastic Wrap
Aluminum Foil

On another note, during a large emergency, pets and livestock may also be displaced or need help or housing. If you have facilities to be a "foster home" for horses, livestock, cats, dogs or other pets, please also think about that scenario. Our local vets are creating lists of people who would be able to house livestock or pets, so please let your vet know if you'd be willing and able to take care of animals in case of an emergency. Give them your contact information and let them know what facilities you have (they may already have a form you can fill out.)

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