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A Well-Deserved Rest. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
A Well-Deserved Rest
A Well Deserved Rest 24x36 Oil Gold Frame with Linen Liner

Artwork in the Barn. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Artwork in the Barn
Lynn's artwork hangs in the barn until October 30th. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to come see the art display at their home near Boulder.

Artist Lynn Thomas. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Artist Lynn Thomas

Battle Mountain near the Hoback. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Battle Mountain near the Hoback
The red rocks of Battle Mountain are a familiar landmark in the Hoback Canyon north of Bondurant.

Summer Grove. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Summer Grove
Summer Grove 24x30 Oil Custom Gold Leaf Frame
Art Show in the Barn through Oct. 30
Western Artist Lynn Thomas
by Pinedale Online!
September 16, 2007

Don’t miss the special “Art Show in the Barn” by local Western Artist, Lynn Thomas, at her home in Boulder. She will have paintings hanging through October 30th in the barn at their house south of Boulder at 105 Richie Road.

Thomas lives with her husband on a ranch in the remote Big Sandy country of Sublette County at the foothills of the Wind River Mountains. She uses the abundant wildlife and undeveloped beauty of the area as the inspiration for her artwork. She ran an outfitting business in the Wind Rivers for about 25 years, and her experiences there also gives her much resource material for her paintings. She paints the life she lives.

Born in 1939 in Watts, L.A. California, Thomas is of a pioneering background. Many of her mother’s ancestors crossed the pains to California in covered wagons, leaving Kansas and Oklahoma after they “got too crowded”. German immigrants, her father’s grandfather was a blacksmith on the Oregon Trail at Westport and her father was raised on the family farm in Nebraska. The “homesteads” remain with her extended family. Lynn proudly traces her roots to Native American ancestors as well.

She has not had a formal art education beyond a seventh grade teacher who recognized her natural talent and encouraged her with a few lessons in oil painting. Later she took high school art classes, seminars and workshops when she could, and continued to educate herself in the basics of art. She has an extensive knowledge of the American West and its history, enjoys reading and collects rare and historical books. Another focus of her interest is on Native Americans and their cultures. A consummate researcher in museums and libraries she travels the West in search of subject matter, authentic locations and historic sites. Enamored with the spirit of the West, she knows her subject intimately and continues to study diligently. She is dedicated to using her artistic gifts.

Hoping to add a fresh and original postscript to the great western masters of the past, one of Lynn’s endeavors is to leave a legacy in paintings of the ranchers and cowboys who live nearby as historian recording this passing scene. These pieces are her most popular and there is a constant demand for her work.

Since she and her husband recently sold the pack outfit, they live full time on his family’s place located beneath the foothills of the Wind Rivers. This was once a large cattle ranch, but now is a more manageable size for their retirement. Here at the ranch she is surrounded by the wildlife she loves – birds, visiting coyotes, herds of elk and antelope, occasional bear and deer. There are about 6 of the family horses left and until recently they continued to raise and break their own colts and feed in the winter with a team and sled. They are snowed in for up to 5 months a year, and have to snowmachine in and out.

Her work has appeared in galleries and museums nationally and she has had dozens of one-person art shows. She was a contributor to the two wall murals that hang in the Green River Valley Museum in Big Piney, one depicting an outdoor cowboy scene and the other showing artists’ conception of pre-historic Indians in a buffalo hunt at the Wardell Buffalo Trap near Big Piney. Her artwork or writing is included in several books, including the award-winning Sublette County Artists Guild Seedskeedee Revisited, Rockport Publishers Art of the American West, and Samuel's Contemporary Western Artists.

Thomas can be reached by phone at 307-537-5678 or by e-mail at Visit her website at

Additional websites to find Lynn Thomas' artwork:

Nature's Mood. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Nature's Mood
Thunderstorm on the Great Divide Basin.

Ripening. Photo by Lynn Thomas.

Lynn Thomas. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Lynn Thomas

Ponds on Horse Creek. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Ponds on Horse Creek

Autumn's Fiery Touch. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Autumn's Fiery Touch

Chiedler Barn-Wyoming Range. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Chiedler Barn-Wyoming Range

Studio Sunflowers. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Studio Sunflowers

Boulder Lake Overlook. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Boulder Lake Overlook

Barn on Horse Creek. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Barn on Horse Creek

Cottonwood Willows. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Cottonwood Willows

Of Blue Eyes. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Of Blue Eyes

Color Study - Tree Doodle. Photo by Lynn  Thomas.
Color Study - Tree Doodle

Will it stick?. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Will it stick?

Winter Fire-Muddy Canyon. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Winter Fire-Muddy Canyon

Cottonwoods in the Hoback. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Cottonwoods in the Hoback

Platinum Morning. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Platinum Morning

Boarded Up. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Boarded Up

Winter Fog. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Winter Fog

The Woods in Winter. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
The Woods in Winter

Deer in Red Willows. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Deer in Red Willows

Headed for the Feedground. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Headed for the Feedground
Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Art Show in the Barn through Oct. 30

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