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Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Animal Reports: Wyoming News & Notes

Wyoming Health Regions Map. Photo by Wyoming Department of Health.
Wyoming Health Regions Map
Graphic courtesy Wyoming Department of Health
Animal Reports: Wyoming News & Notes
by Pinedale Online!
September 22, 2007

Here are some reports that have recently been passed on by the State of Wyoming Department of Health veterinary folks regarding animal-related incidents and news here in the state and near Pinedale:

Wyoming Region 4 (SW WY): Reports of "10-12" missing dogs in Lincoln county...Speculation on reasons for why the dogs have been taken runs from use of the dogs to test meth to use as bait in dog fighting.

Wyoming Region 6 (NW WY): Individual had to receive rabies post exposure prophylaxis after being bitten by a muskrat; incident occurred in Pinedale.

Wyoming Region 7 (SE WY): A dog in Cheyenne is under 45 day home observation order after getting into a fight with several racoons. Dog was last vaccinated for rabies in "03 with a 3-yr vaccine.

Housing Pets & Livestock in an emergency in Sublette County: Foster Homes Wanted
The Wyoming Department of Health veterinary officials are working to compile a list of people in Sublette County who would be willing to be “foster pet & livestock homes” during emergency situations. The Pinedale fire last July was a good example of a fast-moving emergency situation where pets and livestock need to be evacuated very quickly and housed in some safe temporary location. Hurricane Katrina illustrated the need for community plans for short/ long-term temporary housing for displaced animals in disaster scenarios. Local vets and officials are being asked to compile lists of people in their areas who have space and would be willing to house cats, dogs, other pets, and livestock. If you would be willing, please contact your local vet and let them know where you are located and what you can offer, or contact Bob Rule at KPIN Radio (307-367-2000, kpin”at” or let us know, and we'll pass it on.

Being prepared in advance with a list such as this will make things go much more smoothly when an emergency situation strikes and people and animals need to be shuffled quickly. For more information, contact Jim Summers, D.V.M. Wyoming Regional Veterinary Coordinator, 307-332-2228.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Animal Reports: Wyoming News & Notes

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