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Pinedale Online > News > August 2007 > Hatch Report: Still Plenty of Fishing Left
Hatch Report: Still Plenty of Fishing Left
We have water and the fishing is great
by Mike Kaul, Two Rivers Emporium
August 16, 2007

Everyone is familiar with the hot, dry conditions which have prevailed in the Rocky Mountains over the summer. This situation prompted calls from across the country to discern if Pinedale had burned to the ground and if there was any fishing water left?

I am happy to report Pinedale is intact, although we did have a fairly significant brush fire just east of town, and there is still plenty of fishing water flowing from the Wind River Mountains.

We are fortunate in that we have seven of the ten largest permanent glaciers in the lower States in the Winds and this allows us to keep cool water flows in most of our streams during these adverse weather situations. The water flows did drop in mid-July, and it looked as if our drift boat fishing opportunities on the Green and New Fork Rivers would end prematurely in early August, but our monsoon season kicked in earlier than normal. We had some significant surface moisture in the latter part of July which brought water levels back-up to normal. We are still conducting successful drift boat fishing trips on our major rivers.

The hot weather brought out some tremendous hatches of every fly common to our area. Pale morning duns, blue wing olives, grey drakes and a variety of caddis could be found in profusion at certain times of the day. These patterns are still working well at selected times, but the terrestrials have moved to the forefront. Hoppers, any style or pattern are very effective on all our waters. Ant and beetle patterns will work on occasion and do not hesitate to put on a woolly worm.

The hot temperatures push the fish to lower water levels later in the day so sub-surface patterns such as bead head nymphs and cone head buggers are very effective during this time of day. Using a dropper with all surface flies will also increase your chances for a trout hook-up. Trail lead flies like hoppers, bugmeisters, PMXs or any foam pattern with a bead head nymph. Consider bead head nymph patterns such as bird of prey, copper and zebra johns, sparkle prince or batman (rubber leg), hares ear and pheasant tail.


Mike Kaul
Two Rivers Emporium

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Pinedale Online > News > August 2007 > Hatch Report: Still Plenty of Fishing Left

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