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Pinedale Online > News > July 2007 > Trapper’s Point Wildlife Light Sign Deactivated

Wildlife on road warning. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Wildlife on road warning
Wildlife warning lights at Trappers Point on US 191. Pinedale Online file photo.
Trapper’s Point Wildlife Flashing Light Signs Deactivated
For programming adjustments
by Wyoming Department of Transportation
July 13, 2007

(Pinedale) - The Wyoming Department of Transportation has deactivated the Trapper's Point Wildlife Detection System for programming adjustments. The system warns motorists traveling on the highway of wildlife on the roadway.

The system, installed in 2005, is an experimental project WYDOT has been studying to determine the effectiveness of the system and is a carryover from the research project at Nugget Canyon on US 30 west of Kemmerer. The detection device is intended to reduce the number or big game killed on this portion of highway as well as to make traveling in this area safer for motorists.

Resident Engineer, Bob Maxam, said, "We need the public to understand that we have not given up on the system. The system is experimental and we are continually making adjustments to make it more reliable."

Since it is an experimental project, adjustments to the system are continually being made to solve some of the problems that result in "false positive" readings. In order to complete the annual maintenance, some of the sensor components have been sent to the sole supplier, Eagle Telonics for programming adjustments, leaving the system inoperable for the summer.

Eagle Telonics believes they have resolved some of the issues giving the false positives, and that along with the maintenance on the sensors, the system will be more effective and reliable when reactivated this fall, making traveling on US 191 safer and convenient for motorists.

Pinedale Online > News > July 2007 > Trapper’s Point Wildlife Light Sign Deactivated

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