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Pinedale Online > News > July 2007 > Salt Lick Fire Update: July 14
Salt Lick Fire Update: July 14
Rains slow advance of Salt Lick Fire
by Suwyn Incident Management Team Great Basin
July 14, 2007

(Pinedale) - Rain showers Friday night helped to decrease the fire activity on the Salt Lick fire that started burning July 11, 2007. The fire, which originated in a remote area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest north of Pinedale, Wyoming, led to the closure of Jim Creek and Moose Gypsum roads. A voluntary evacuation of the Red Cliff Bible Camp has also taken place and the fire continues to threaten primary residences and outbuildings in the Red Hills sub-division and surrounding areas.

Residents are reminded that fire danger remains extreme throughout the Forest and fire restrictions are in place. Although the rain received on Friday helped to slow the advance of the fire the danger is far from over. Changes in weather can lead to a rapid return of high fire activity.

So what can you do as a local resident? Taking just a few simple steps to prepare your property can mean the difference between surviving a wildfire and losing everything. Take time to consider the following steps that can improve the survivability of your home:

1. Creating a defensible space of 30 ft or more around your home will create a buffer between your home and a potential wildfire.
Keep the lawn mowed low a maximum of 4 inches.
Break up continuous vegetation so that fire will not spread between bushes or trees.
Remove dead plant material that collects around bushes, shrubs and trees. Remove dead trees (bark beetle kill, etc.) that serve as fuel for the fire
Remove junipers and other fire-prone vegetation from against the home.
Reduce ladder fuels (fuels that lead continuously from the ground to the tree tops) by keeping trees trimmed up from the ground. This will keep a fire out of the tree crowns and prevent it from becoming more difficult to control.
Keep your roof, rain gutters and windowsills free from pine needles, leaves, twigs and other dead plant debris.
Clear leaves and debris from underneath decks and porches.

2. When you are creating defensible space around your home it is important to consider flammable items within it. Consider the following tips to make your home more Firewise.
Keep propane and butane tanks as far from home as possible, trying for at least 50 feet.
Propane and butane tanks should have at least 10 feet of cleared out vegetation around them.
Move woodpiles as far away from your home as possible, at least 50 feet, and clear an area of at least 10 feet around the pile itself.

3. In the event of a wildfire it is important for fire fighters to have good access to your home.
Do you have 2 exits and sufficient room for emergency vehicles to turn around?
Is your house address visible from the road and are your street name signs easy to find and read?

For more information about the Salt Lick Fire please visit,, or

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Pinedale Online > News > July 2007 > Salt Lick Fire Update: July 14

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