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Pinedale Online > News > May 2007 > Early Spring at Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake. Photo by Jason Brown.
Meadow Lake
View of Meadow Lake on May 5th. The snow has melted off early this year.

Fall Creek. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
Fall Creek
Fall Creek flows out of Meadow Lake and into the New Fork River. This photo was taken on May 5th. The water is running clear and snow is pretty much all gone from the banks and road.
Early Spring at Meadow Lake
by Pinedale Online!
May 10, 2007

A group of friends went up to make another attempt to check out Meadow Lake last weekend. This time the road was open.

They brought their mountain bikes and checked out the roads and some of the ATV trails. The road in is good, with only a couple of minor wet and soft spots that are easy to get around. The first part of the gravel road is in great condition, smooth going. Further in, the road gets a lot rougher with many rocks and ruts to navigate around. We recommend a high clearance truck for the last stretch, although a sedan can make it if you drive slow and work your way carefully around all the rocks and ruts on the road.

Mosquitos aren't out yet, but ticks are. The water in Fall Creek is running clear and is high enough fishermen shouldn't be snagging on rocks like later in the year. Reports are that caddis flies are starting to hatch on streams in the area.

This area is probably better suited to 4-wheeling than biking, but there is still fun riding to be had. The trails are fairly steep in places, which means a lot of pushing up trail in order to get a few minutes of great riding down.

Photos by Alan Svalberg, Jason Brown, Garrett Bardin and Meghan Delmore

Meadow Lake. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
Meadow Lake
View looking southwest. The Wind River Range is behind the photographer. The road and campground area are on the left side. There are two-track and 4-wheel trails around most of the lake. Boating is for canoes and small motor boats. This is a rustic recreation site.

Mule Deer and Lone Tree. Photo by Garrett Bardin.
Mule Deer and Lone Tree
A herd of mule deer move through the sagebrush on the hills near Meadow Lake. This is all glacial outwash, so trees are sparse.

Jason Back Trail Biking. Photo by Meghan Delmore.
Jason Back Trail Biking
There are a variety of back roads and trails, but most are pretty rough. Really better for ATVs than mountain bikes, but if you don't mind pushing uphill and working hard, the biking is fun too.

ATVs at Meadow. Photo by Jason Brown.
ATVs at Meadow
This area has miles of two track trails for ATV riding.

Meadow Lake. Photo by Garrett Bardin.
Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake Campsite. Photo by Jason Brown.
Meadow Lake Campsite
Meadow Lake has primitive dispersed campsites around the lake.

Remnant Snow. Photo by Garrett Bardin.
Remnant Snow
This is it for what's left of snow up around Meadow Lake. Everything is open and mostly dry. Ticks are out too.

Fall Creek. Photo by Meghan Delmore.
Fall Creek

Roundworm Warning. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
Roundworm Warning
Some fish in Meadow Lake and Fall Creek have roundworms. Signs are posted to alert fishermen there is no danger to humans if fish are prepared properly.

Fremont Peak. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
Fremont Peak
Fremont Peak towers over the top of the hills around Meadow Lake.

Tumbling Fall Creek. Photo by Garrett Bardin.
Tumbling Fall Creek
Fall Creek offers a variety of scenery and stream reach characteristics, from slow deep pools to tumbling cascades.

Meghan Mountain Biking. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
Meghan Mountain Biking
Meghan gets ready to ride.
Pinedale Online > News > May 2007 > Early Spring at Meadow Lake

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