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Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > State HS Basketball Tournament Scores
State HS Basketball Tournament Scores
Tournament in Lander
March 2, 2007

The tournament was held in Lander. Pinedale games were broadcast live on KPIN 101.1 FM Pinedale News Radio. Sportscasters were Ward Wise and Gene Andrews.

Friday, March 2: Boys game, Pinedale vs. Lander Valley
Final Score: Lander Valley 83, Pinedale 69

1st Quarter: Pinedale 8, Lander Valley 17

2nd Quarter: Pinedale 21, Lander Valley 39

3rd Quarter: Pinedale 46, Lander Valley 62

4th Quarter: Pinedale 69, Lander Valley 83 - FINAL

Friday, March 2: Girls game, Pinedale vs. Powell
Final Score: Powell 65, Pinedale 56

1st Quarter: Pinedale 11, Powell 16

2nd Quarter: Pinedale 23, Powell 38

3rd Quarter: Pinedale 38, Powell 57

4th Quarter: Pinedale 56, Powell 65 - FINAL
(This means girls are done.)

Thursday, March 1: Boys game, Pinedale vs. Worland
Final Score: Worland 62, Pinedale 54

Game Play:

1st: Pinedale 21, Worland 11

2nd: Pinedale 36, Worland 24

3rd: Pinedale 39, Worland 45

4th- FINAL Pinedale 54, Worland 62

Game Recap - Boys Game 1: In the first and second periods, Pinedale was well ahead of Worland. In the third period, Pinedale only gained three points while Worland gained gobs of points.

The fourth period was nip and tuck... being tied from time to time, and each team taking its turn of being ahead of the other team. But, in the end, with Pinedale three points behind, Pinedale did some intentional fouls, and Worland kept making the foul shots.

Score information and notes courtesy KPIN 101.1 FM Pinedale News Radio

KPIN would like to thank the following businesses who came through as sponsors to make the broadcast of the Pinedale games in the tournament possible: White Pine Ski Area, Shell Rocky Mountain Production, Bank of Sublette County, James Thomas-High Mountain Real Estate, Wise Connections, James H. Helm CPA, Pinedale Online, First State Bank of Pinedale, Pinedale Properties, the Mortenson Group CPAs, Gene and Sue Eversull, Mark Biffle/Teletractors Inc, Moose Creek Catering, CDL Habitat Resources, Brad and Amy Mariner, Precision Auto Body.

Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > State HS Basketball Tournament Scores

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