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Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > Revolution in Voice and Data Communication
Revolution in Voice and Data Communication
by Union Wireless
March 28, 2007

Editor's comment: Union Wireless sent Pinedale Online this article in response to our questions about their cell phone service in the Sublette County area.
Revolution in Voice and Data Communication
By Union Wireless

There’s a revolution in wireless communication services occurring that only a few years ago wasn’t possible. Leading the way on the path to the future is Union Wireless, a local landline and mobile communications provider established in 1914.

“Things have dramatically changed over the last 93-years” according to Lee Woody, a member of the Management Team that oversees the day-to-day operations of this family-owned business. “What hasn’t changed is that people still depend upon their phone to stay connected and expect seamless and dependable service over this wireless network.”

In the next 18-months, the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) signal on wireless systems throughout the country will be turned down and taken out of service. This is because “people are demanding more technology from their mobile phones,” noted Jim Woody. “A GSM enabled phone can send e-mail, browse the Internet, double as a modem for your laptop computer plus send and receive graphics as-well-as high-quality digital images.” To facilitate the technology transition, Union is offering their TDMA customer base the convenience and advantages of GSM phones at a substantial discount. Details on this program are available by visiting any Union Wireless retail store.

To ensure that wireless service throughout Wyoming continues to improve, the Woody family is investing 20 million dollars this year in new towers, radio transmitters and the affiliated wireless infrastructure. “This build-out hasn’t been easy,” said John Woody. “With a permitting process that can challenge the best legal minds, right-of-way issues that cross several governmental jurisdictions and construction delays brought on by the frequent harsh weather conditions, it can take years to get just one tower in place.” Still, Union Telephone Company has typically erected 50 towers each year on average throughout a 4-state area that includes Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Idaho. In fact, many of the large wireless companies either rent space or roam on Union’s reliable network to serve the needs of their customers.

Currently Union Wireless is testing a high-speed wireless Internet service with the goal of making it available to the general public in approximately 18-months. Coupled with an external antenna, future users will be able to have wireless Internet anywhere in their home that is both dependable and fast.

Another exciting product that will soon be on the shelves at Union Wireless retail stores is the “Dock and Talk.” This is a mobile phone interface that plugs into a building’s traditional phone wall jacks. By disconnecting from a traditional landline source, the “Dock and Talk” can energize up to five regular phone extensions throughout a building when “docked” to a mobile phone using Bluetooth wireless technology. Thus the user can make the most of a wireless plan, utilizing their free weekend and evening minutes when people are typically home. Further, by eliminating the landline, the end user saves money over the course of the year.

The wireless industry literally has new innovations come to fruition weekly. As technology changes, Union Wireless will continue to examine, test and make available the products and services that will enhance and expand their customer’s convenience and ease of use.

Pinedale Online > News > March 2007 > Revolution in Voice and Data Communication

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