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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Pinedale Planning & Zoning Feb 5 meeting notes
Pinedale Planning & Zoning Feb 5 meeting notes
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
February 8, 2007

The Town of Pinedale Planning and Zoning Board held a regular meeting on Monday, February 5th.

Carollo Minor Subdivision The Board recommended approval for the Albert & Carolyn Carollo proposed minor subdivision which was to create a building site for a family member on a parcel near Pine Creek.

Trails Creek Subdivision
There was considerable discussion about the proposed Trails Creek subdivision. Representatives from WYBALL, LCC Z& Rio Jorgensen Engineering appeared before the Board on a project that involves 83 single-family residential lots, 2 public open space lots, public subdivision roads, proposed town and water system and two pathway easements. The proposed subdivision is on the Willow Lake Road on the west side of Pinedale. Developers propose a dedicated parkway, hike-bike pathway and park easement and a park to be dedicated to the Town of Pinedale as part of the development.

Planning & Zoning Board members expressed concerns over lot density, development in wetlands and floodplain areas, soils and erosion potential, and suitable building lots. The developers indicated that it is the personís risk if they canít get flood insurance, not the Townís, and people build in flood zones across the country. They also wanted a variance from the curb and sidewalk requirement, which board members did not agree with.

The subdivision discussion touched on the future need of the town to connect the subdivision developments on the west side of Pine Creek with the east side. Developers proposed a foot-bike bridge at a future date across the creek, but did not get into the larger question of an actual road and car bridge to connect with Valley Road on the east. Board members said that larger discussion would be brought to the attention of the Town Council when this subdivision proposal comes before them at their next meeting on Monday, February 12th. There was some discussion about impacts increases in traffic the new subdivisions in Pinedale will create on Pine Street. Ultimately, the Board voted to recommend approval of the proposed subdivision, with stipulations to protect the Colorado ditch, sidewalk/curbs, flood zone mapping, soils suitability and plat modifications.

BLM Employee Housing temporary use permit renewal request In other business, the Pinedale Bureau of Land Management got approval to renew a temporary use permit for two trailers they are currently using for employee housing at their warehouse lot on the west side of Pine Creek across from Buckyís Outdoors. The trailers house six people, three in each trailer. The BLM anticipates needing the trailers for housing for up to two years. The temporary use permits are for 6-month intervals.

Review of proposed Ordinance 17.67.215 Commercial Condominium Development The Board voted to recommend approval of attorney Ed Woodís revision of the residential condominium development ordinance which was modified for commercial condominium developments.

Workshops After adjourning their regular business meeting, the Board had two topics on the agenda for workshops: The proposed 280-acre golf course and the Pinedale Area Pathway Plan.

Proposed 280-acre Golf Course Workshop The BLM representatives left before this point in the meeting and no one was present from the golf course committee, which left a Game & Fish representative who stated they were officially opposed to the golf course because of concerns over antelope movement, crucial mule deer winter range and sage grouse nesting in the area. No one in the audience spoke out in opposition to the proposed golf course. P&Z Board member Robert Brito pointed out that when the people in Pinedale donít want something, they show up at the meetings, which was an indication to him that there must not be a lot of opposition to the proposed golf course.

Pinedale Area Pathway Plan Workshop The workshop session ended with a brief look at maps for the future proposed bike paths, which are being done in phases by the Sublette County Recreation Board. It was noted that the lower portion of the new Pinedale bike path, which comes out by Rendezvous Pointe, will need to be relocated so it doesnít end on Magnolia Street. Mark Eatinger, from Rio Verde Engineering, said that segment will be redone with a switchback and come out more to the north, as part of the legal agreement settlement with Falerís General Store on the use of that street.

These agenda items next go to the Pinedale Town Council for a final decision at their meeting next Monday.

Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Pinedale Planning & Zoning Feb 5 meeting notes

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