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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Governorís Action on 2007 Legislation
Governorís Action on 2007 Legislation
Signed legislation
by Governor Freudenthalís office
February 21, 2007

(Cheyenne, Wyoming) - Here is an update on action taken by Gov. Dave Freudenthal on 2007 legislation:

FEB. 21, 2007 SIGNED:
HB189/HEA43 Prison contraband
HB195/HEA44 Killing or injuring police animal-felony
HB201/HEA45 Publication of county commissioner meetings
HB202/HEA46 Municipal growth management
HB72/HEA47 Required payments as condition of parole
HB31/HEA48 Charter school amendments
HB67/HEA50 Interstate fire compact
HB151/HEA51 Resort districts-sales and use tax
HB236/HEA52 Omnibus water bill-planning
HB41/HEA54 Developmental disabilities-emergency services
BH127/HEA55 Film production incentives
HB133/HEA56 Department of Health client information sharing
SF120/SEA26 Retirement system-rehired retirees
SF159/SEA27 Emergency detention-county costs
SF111/SEA29 Vehicle dealers-2
SF25/SEA30 DUI-child endangerment
SF38/SEA31 Judicial salaries

FEB. 16, 2007 SIGNED:
HB16/HEA27 Community based in-home services
HB48/HEA28 Wyoming Health Care Decisions Act
HB65/HEA29 Defrauding drug and alcohol screening tests
HB83/HEA30 Game and fish penalties
HB7/HEA31 Fire protection districts-bonding
HB14/HEA32 Adjutant general-procurement procedures
HB15/HEA33 State employees retirement-military credit
HB26/HEA34 Great grandparents visitation rights
HB30/HEA35 Cities and towns-public band concerts
HB32/HEA36 Senior services board-2
HB77/HEA37 Funeral protesting
HB134/HEA38 Involuntary hospitalization proceedings
HB149/HEA39 Advisory Council on Aging
HB171/HEA40 Theft of fuel
HB272/HEA41 Liquor license signatories
HB148/HEA42 Municipal park vacation

FEB. 15, 2007 SIGNED:
HB13/HEA14 Multipurpose vehicles
HB18/HEA15 Military Service Relief Act amendments
HB20/HEA16 Senior status judge compensation
HB38/HEA17 School districts-bond issues
HB40/HEA18 Select committee on developmental programs
HB45/HEA19 State employee compensation commission
HB56/HEA20 Limited liability limited partnerships
HB62/HEA21 Natural resource large project funding
HB64/HEA22 County attorney salaries
HB92/HEA23 Election code-revisions
HB172/HEA24 Public employee retirement-purchase of service credit
HB221/HEA25 Controlled Substances Act
HB263/HEA26 Oil and gas conservation commission-rules
HB332/HEA49 Bingo
SF23/SEA5 Gambling-definitions
SF4/SEA8 Lethal injection
SF6/SEA9 National guard honorary members
SF8/SEA10 License plate reassignment
SF10/SEA11 Military department-criminal background checks
SF17/SEA12 Risk based capital for health organizations
SF18/SEA13 Insurance department-rules
SF19/SEA14 Insurance department-accreditation
SF30/SEA15 State lands
SF48/SEA16 Community colleges-carryover restrictions
SF58/SEA17 Community colleges-property tax expenditures
SF95/SEA18 Fire protection-mutual aid
SF97/SEA19 Law enforcement retirement-scope of duties
SF109/SEA20 School facilities-amendments-2
SF149/SEA21 Abandoned mine land funds account
SF59/SEA22 State lands-land transfer
SF107/SEA23 County attorneys-reimbursement formula
SF96/SEA24 Annexation-notification of boundary change
SF79/SEA25 Special municipal officers-citation authority

FEB. 14, 2007 SIGNED:
HB3/HEA5 Commercial drivers licenses
HB4/HEA6 Business entities-reinstatement
HB9/HEA7 Corporations-bearer shares
HB19/HEA8 Incest-increase in penalties
HB178/HEA9 Sales and use tax-telecommunications
HB254/HEA10 Law enforcement retirement
HB179/HEA11 Fuel tax collection
HB102/HEA12 Wheat marketing commission
HB123/HEA13 Seed laws
SF12/SEA1 Sex offenses by corrections personnel
SF20/SEA2 Animal euthanasia technicians
SF75/SEA3 Wyoming tourism board
SF83/SEA4 Wyoming business council-repeal sunset
SF39/SEA6 Game and fish violations
SF36/SEA7 Sex offender harboring/registration

FEB. 13, 2007 SIGNED:
HB17/HEA1 School facilities-major maintenance enforcement
HB70/HEA2 Game and fish-license fees
HB82/HEA3 Health insurance contributions-higher education
HB103/HEA4 State assessed property

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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Governorís Action on 2007 Legislation

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