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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Fishing Hatch Report: Winter
Fishing Hatch Report: Winter
by Fishing Guide Mike Kaul, Two Rivers Emporium
February 4, 2007

The artic blasts that ripped the country the past few weeks has driven most fly fishers indoors and thoughts of fly fishing have been relegated to watching the fishing channels on TV or attending an indoor sports show. Some make a move to dust off the fly tying bench and pulling out the feathers and rubber products. Yes, there is some hatch activity occurring in the frozen lakes and streams, but instead of replicating what is going on in the water now, the tiers might be better served to think about what they will be using next spring, summer and fall.

All fishing venues have some “go to” flies that work well on a continuing basis. It might be a good idea to concentrate on these patterns to get back in the swing of tying if you have had a long lay-off. You will certainly use several of these flies on your fishing expeditions in the upcoming season. I live in the Rocky Mountains where a few basic patterns will work just about all the time, under all conditions. A good mix would be made-up of streamer patterns such as Woolly Buggers and Muddler Minnows, sizes 6 and 8. Tie some universal nymphs like Prince, Pheasant Tail and Stones, sizes 12-18. Royal Wulff, Adams and Humpys will hold you in good stead for surface attractor patterns, sizes 12-18. My part of the country demands a good stock of Hopper and Elk Hair Caddis patterns, sizes 12-14.

Armed with this basic mix of flies you will be ready to entice a majority of feeding fish in my venue. Everyone can probably come up with a similar grouping of flies for their area. You can obviously supplement your basic load of “go to” flies with some of the new exotic patterns that spring to popularity each season.

Mike Kaul
Two Rivers Emporium

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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Fishing Hatch Report: Winter

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