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Pinedale Online > News > January 2007 > New Historical Signs for Sublette County

New Historical Signs. Photo by Sublette County Museum Board.
New Historical Signs
One of 10 new historical interpretive signs being done by the Sublette County Museum Board, funded by the Sublette County Commissioners.
New Historical Signs for Sublette County
The Past Recast: New signs recount area history
by Sublette County Museum Board
January 10, 2007

The Sublette County Museum Board has received the first of its upgraded historical signs, part of a project to improve and replace approximately 10 interpretive signs along major roads and byways in the county.

Many of the original signs date back to the 1960s and consist of wooden panels painted brown with carved letters in white. Over the years the wooden signs have aged and become harder to maintain.

In addition, more detailed historical information has become available, making some of the original text inaccurate.

The County Commissioners approved funding last year for the Museum Board to begin the process of rewriting the signs and having them cast in aluminum with raised polished metal letters on a dark background for lower maintenance, better appearance and longer life.

“By updating the design and information on these signs, we are continuing a long local tradition,” said Museum Board Secretary Sue Sommers. “People here have always been very passionate about the area’s history. They formed the first historical society in the state of Wyoming and put up more than a dozen signs telling the history of this place to everyone who passed through. We want to keep telling that story and ensure its relevance to people today.”

The delivered signs will be stored until this summer, when the Museum Board hopes to install them, replacing the old ones at roadside pullouts. The first signs scheduled for replacement are at the Legion Park in Pinedale, at the Green River Rendezvous site in Daniel, and on US Highway 191 before the Rim.

The Sublette County Museum Board is a County Commission-appointed board that reviews funding requests from the Museum of the Mountain Man and the Green River Valley Museum. It also maintains selected interpretive signage and historic grave markers throughout the county.

In the photo: One of the new cast-aluminum historic signs designed by the Sublette County Museum Board was delivered recently to Dire Wolf Studios in Pinedale, which is overseeing the signs’ fabrication at an out-of-state foundry. This sign will be installed at the Green River Rendezvous site near Daniel this summer.

Current Sublette County Museum Board members are Dale Jensen, Jim Latta, Sue Sommers, Sonia Stone and Tim Thompson.

Photo courtesy of the Sublette County Museum Board

Pinedale Online > News > January 2007 > New Historical Signs for Sublette County

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